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amcâx80x99s drive against plastic bags draws ire from vendors | amaravati news - times of india

by:Sofie      2020-04-20
AMRAVATI: the use of plastic handbags is prohibited by Amravati municipal company (pannies)
It is causing complaints from small traders fined 5000 rupees.
Since the Supreme Court\'s full ban on the use of plastic bags, AMC has prepared to enforce the SC ruling in the most stringent manner possible.
Mahesh Deshmukh, AMC deputy commissioner who led the project, told TOI that civic institutions had started with small vendors.
Small traders fined 5000 rupees for the first time, 10,000 rupees for the second time, and 25,000 rupees plus FIR for the third time.
For wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, it is Rs 25,000 straight and FIR, he said.
Small vendors such as dairy farm owners use plastic bags to wrap eggs and vegetable suppliers of customer goods at the receiving end of AMC drives, even if wholesalers and manufacturers are not within the scope of citizens\' bodies.
An angry dairy owner in the Ambateth area said that AMC should not target US and punish us in retaliation, but should do a good job of attacking the root cause, he was fined 5000 rupees last night for wrapping condensed milk for customers using a plastic tote bag.
Mahesh Deshmukh said the city did not make plastic handbags but they were smuggled into the city.
We start with small vendors and expect them to reveal to wholesalers about their sourcing of bags.
At the moment, we don\'t have any exact information about wholesale suppliers, but if we continue to target small vendors, we would like to get the name of wholesale suppliers from them.
We have confidence in the next 10-
Desdeshmukh told TOI that we will be able to catch them in 15 days.
The question is, why did AMC raid manufacturing directly?
Well, we can\'t get into the industry directly.
We need the help of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, which issues licenses to them.
There were 16 industries before.
There are about six now.
We also plan to raid there with the help of MPCB.
Deshmukh said that we will do so when we have specific information.
Commissioner Dy Ravindra Wankhade added: \"We have planted whistleblowers and hope to get the information soon (Administration).
We urge small vendors to stop using plastic bags that are not allowed to be carried in order to avoid fines.
\'We are strictly enforcing the SC order, \'said Deshmukh.
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