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Amity International School In Saket

by:Sofie      2020-09-11
Education in the value of democracy is crucial. Self-discipline, responsibility, freedom of thought and speech are encouraged as students learn to understand the associated with cultures, languages and religions other than their own and see themselves as genuinely international citizens.
Children always be most precious possession any kind of nation. They are the seeds for the future. They have to be nurtured diligently. True education helps the child to ignite the hidden sparks of virtue.
'Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know' By Daniel J. Boorstin.
Amity International School, Saket the fundamental objective may be the full increase in every pupil - academic, physical, cultural and divine. This goal is duly reflected planet unique curriculum which is not only just comprehensive in nature, however additionally enables holistic development.
AIS boast of a well-developed, progressive resource base and a very good infrastructure that promotes interactive learning. The college provides successful environment empowering each child to view the world around him, explore it and learn pc. Computerized Libraries, Digital Labs, and Amitranet an intranet facility, allow students & parents to access attendance records, past papers, homework and supplies a first-hand experience altogether practical patients. All the labs in the school are well equipped with latest apparatus, techniques, and instruments. Students have access to the following state-of-the-art laboratories in the school.
Sports is an integral part of total curriculum at Amity school, hence the school provides all of the basic facilities for development of positive sports environment through very famous and professional coaches.
The AIS Saket believes on experimental learning not believe on only bookish education.Students discover their latent talent through participation in diverse extracurricular forums, clubs, societies (robotics, astronomy and so forth ..), leadership training camps and various inter-institutional events for instance International Science Forums, Mathematics and Science Olympiads, Model United Nations etc.
In striving to gain a balance between self-improvement and self-sacrifice typically the interests of others, Amity develops in the pupils qualities of skill and maintenance. The pupils are educated in concepts and exercise of wish to the disadvantaged. There is a fast paced concern for your environment, and then in tackling environmental problems. Were committed to train the appreciation of health and moral fortitude while using challenge and adventure of outdoor pursuits.
The Amity International philosophy works on itself belief of, 'Vidya Dadati Vinayam', meaning knowledge gives take good help. The school is a symbol on the indomitable power and humility that knowledge imparts. College has an effective belief that knowledge alone imparts light, harmony, humility and peace. Every effort is intended to impart an education that will inculcate inside new generation of nation builders the humility to go up above their individual needs, serve mankind and become success driven achievers.
Amity international school will be the chain of Amity International Schools, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
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