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bag the problem

by:Sofie      2020-04-18
Bags large and small.
Bags for schools, officials and party lovers.
Bag of laptop.
In fact, the bag has become an important part of our modern life. one day, a friend pointed out that her former
Her friend\'s birthday party will also bring one.
But the point of this article is
Up is not what type of product is on the market, nor is it for whom.
It\'s about how the bag hurts our shoulders, neck and spine.
In order to get the right answer, you need to ask yourself the right question, for example, how much is my office bag?
Does my child complain that her schoolbag is too bulky?
Is my laptop bag heavy too?
If so, it\'s better to lose weight.
For a heavy bag, it will put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, causing a dull, nagging pain that will gradually spread to your neck and then
If the pain increases, it may keep you from moving for a while. Dr.
Suneel Kumar, head of Delhi BLK Memorial Hospital, warned that \"ignoring this problem may cause serious complications such as chronic pain in the future. ” Dr.
Kumar said he now frequently meets patients with shoulder and spinal pain.
\"After asking about their lifestyle, I found that most of them are sedentary workers, and most of them also carry heavy laptop bags a lot.
Carrying a laptop bag on one side can lead to unnatural locations, resulting in many health hazards.
Instead, I would suggest carrying the wheel bag.
For school kids, he suggested using a backpack instead of a sling bag.
\"The weight of the backpack is evenly distributed.
But what I want to say is that the backpack should not be too heavy.
\"Common symptoms of problems caused by symptoms heavy bags are fatigue, shoulder, neck and lower back pain.
\"People in the office should constantly move their luggage from shoulder to shoulder.
This will help to distribute the weight on both shoulders, \"he added.
Here are some suggestions for those who are willing to change their lifestyle: Consider using a bag with wheels or two
Especially long-distance backpacks.
Continue to transfer the bag from shoulder to distribute the weight evenly.
If you have to carry your laptop bag with you for a long time, buy the lightest one.
Children at school should relieve stress on their shoulders and back by carrying a lighter bag.
They can discuss with the class teacher about keeping some books in school.
Maintain physical activity.
It can enhance your muscles.
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