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BGS International Residential School In Bengaluru

by:Sofie      2020-09-09
High on the Adichunchanagiri hill in an altitude of about 3,300 ft., above sea level, about 66 Kms from Mandya enroute to Mysore in karnataka is the Sri Adichunchanagiri Maha Samsthana, known to be the seat of the Swamy of the Vokkaliga community noted for its Bhairava praise. Famous for its certainly one of a kind peacock sanctuary, the'Dharamapeeta' Math seems to have successfully preserved and propagated the Indian heritage over.
The ages aside striving for the welfare and betterment of the rural people. No wonder when the Math first founded the BGIRS on the outskirts of Bangalore, it chose an emblem of the myriad colors for the Peacock, the Trishul, ancient weapons with the Gods and the eternal Sun altogether representing the Indian ethos blending together its traditions, culture, ideologies and philosophies.
The infrastructure belonging to the school, spread out on long stretches of land, comprises of four years old wings: the Montessori, primary, middle and senior with each block having distinctive coordinator and associated with teachers to ensure discipline and smooth functioning of university or college. An English medium school, the School follows CBSE curriculum offering Hindi, Sankrit, French as second and third languages as per the rules with the affiliating body in the school. The learning of the second language starts from class I, that can be an of the third language starts from class V to VIII. Apart from academics, the main thrust is on extra and co-curricular activities in and outside the classroom.
The children are taught to manage computers at an early age which has leaded to bringing about the thinking behind 'No-Home-Work'. Innovative in the outlook towards primary education, the school has also introduced the system of Weekend assignments simply no bag-load. The school has individual and well equipped laboratories for Separate, fully equipped laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and computers. The library consists of exhaustive range of books for ages young and old. The pre-primary section consists of multiple teaching aids and Scientific Toys.
All work experience activities (SUPW), Craft, Candle making, Leather Work, Batik, Embroidery, Painting, Gardening, Flower Making, Electronics, Carpentry, and Pot Making There is a Music room for instrumental classical and vocal Indian & Western music. The Playgrounds at BGIRS has large courts for Football, Hockey, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Volley ball, Throw ball & Tennis. The School buses are each provided with Radio contact. At OnlineSchoolAdmissions web portal you can look-out for the best schools in Bangalore like BGS International Residential school for child education.
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