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bulletproof backpacks for kids

by:Sofie      2020-04-24
Corumbyn at Dawson College at Virginia Tech-these names raise fears in the minds of parents.
Using this fear, the two manufacturers are looking for a small and powerful market for their products.
The bulletproof backpack, designed by several Massachusetts fathers, has not yet been listed in Canada, but has sold more than 1,000 in the United States in two months.
A hoodie with a slash.
UK-produced proof Kevin has sold to hundreds of customers in Canada and around the world in six months and sold online.
Both companies have plans to expand.
At the same time, however, child psychologists are increasingly worried that things are going too far.
\"Fear can be taught,\" the doctor warned . \"
Addicenna Denisoff is a trauma specialist at addiction and mental health centers.
Excessive security measures convey the message that the world is a terrible place, he said. Denisoff.
People become more anxious rather than feeling at ease.
\"It keeps the fear going, and the worst part is that people can\'t leave their house at all,\" she said . \".
Mark Lewis, a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Toronto, warned parents not to take these measures.
\"I think it\'s bad,\" he said . \"
\"It focuses its attention on things that have only one chance in countless times.
He said: \"Anxiety is one of the most common childhood diseases affecting children in North America.
Children\'s fears, panic attacks and depression often reflect their parents\' fears, he said.
It is good to take safety precautions-such as teaching children how to cross the road-but the world should not be seen as a dangerous place, Lewis said.
\"Do you want your child to be scared of everything?
This is a problem. \"Two U. S.
Mike, Mike Pelonzi and Joe Currans have developed bullets.
After the massacre at 1999 corumbyn High School in Colorado, a teenager shot and killed 12 children, a proven backpack they had for their children.
They visited the children\'s school to see what safety measures were in place and found that the students were told to hide in the classroom and squander themselves along the walls.
They want to find something to protect themselves for the kids and settle in on their backpacks.
Currans said the backpack was \"a common denominator between all the students,\" adding that during the filming the children should put the backpack in front of them to protect.
When neighbors start asking them to do backpacks for them as well, they realize they have marketing opportunities.
They started selling $195 worth of backpacks as MJ solutions in August (mychildspack. com)
They are pending approval for export to Canada.
The weight of this bulletproof material has only increased by 20 ounces.
At the same time, BladeRunner, a British company specializing in providing protective clothing for security and police forces, launched a Thorn
In April, the proof hoodie sold 100 pieces online. The Kevlar-
The lined hoodie weighs 1 kg and costs $130 per piece.
The company has more than £ 800 in sales at bladerunner. tv.
\"With the number of crimes on the streets these days, why do we only make protective clothing for the police?
Adrian Davis, one of his partners, wanted to know.
BladeRunner also looked at their target market-those young people hanging around the corner-and noticed that \"90 of them are wearing hats, tops,\" Davis said \".
They quickly stopped using the company logo on the sweater as it was an invitation to try the slash --proof promise.
The company expects Street-
Smart men in their teens and 20 s like the product, but soon find that the parents of girls have a lot of demand.
\"School children aged 12 and 13 want them, and women aged 60 want extra protection,\" Davis said . \".
BladeRunner started selling pink and baby blue hoodie and started developing thorns
School uniform is also proved.
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