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cool computer gift ideas to fit any budget

by:Sofie      2020-04-17
It\'s the season of the year again.
It seems that I always postpone my holiday shopping until the last minute.
While it may be true that I don\'t like shopping, this is not the real reason for the delay.
When I try to figure out what type of gift to buy, I\'m just a little brain-dead.
If you\'re on the same boat, it\'s time to take a look at some of the great computer gift ideas offered by many expert writers on the bright center computer hardware channel.
Now, don\'t be afraid here.
I won\'t recommend you an article that suggests buying an external hard drive or memory stick as a Christmas gift. (
However, we do have some great reviews if you buy these things in the market! )
Instead, I want to focus on other types of computers. related items.
Some are whimsical and some are more practical, but all of them are more personalized than the new keyboard/mouse combo.
If your budget is tight this year and most of us are working on it, it doesn\'t mean you have to completely avoid computer-related work --items.
There are some really cool gift ideas on the hardware channel, even if you\'re just looking for something in the office to fulfill Santa\'s secret obligations.
Among the 5 ultimate desktop gadgets, Jesma reviews some of the neat products that can be found in ThinkGeek.
Includes a USB-driven drink cooler, shaped like a mini fridge.
The price of the item in the Jesma review ranges from $5. 99 to $39.
99. they are both interesting and useful.
If you \'ve considered buying a laptop bag as a Christmas present, but all the $100 price stickers are off immediately, check out Arnold zafula\'s holiday shopping guide: five of the best laptop bags
While some of the bags on Arnold\'s list are still a bit expensive, there are a pair of $30 bags in his comments.
This is not a bad price for a sturdy, reliable bag, it was built over the years.
I know it\'s supposed to be a hardware pick for November, but I\'m still going to mention John Rest\'s October Star Wars Ultimate gadget article, because I am a huge Star Wars fan now and in the future.
As with Arnold\'s comments, the items on John\'s list are not all in the \"budget\" category, but some of them are very reasonable.
I especially like the Darth Vader computer nanny now under $10.
Do you want to spend a little more?
If you can afford a little extra money and have a laptop user on your Christmas list, take the time to read the top notebooks that Cindy masseller has designed for the entire family series
In this group of articles, Cindy presents the latest trends in laptop kits for men, women and teenagers.
You can even find something you want to give yourself a \"gift.
Since I have violated my own rules and wrote an article on October, I might as well go all the way and mention another one.
These items reviewed in Neil Henry\'s top five tech products in 2008 will definitely make any computer gadget enthusiast drool.
Even if you don\'t pick up one of these devices this year, they will definitely inspire some other gift ideas in your mind.
Now, put aside all the shopping struggles and frustrations of gift ideas and wish you a wonderful holiday!
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