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Five Latest and Best Mini Laptop Computers

by:Sofie      2020-08-25
It is common knowledge that people look for that highest level of convenience when it comes at their gadgets. However, what exactly constitutes convenience? In today's world, convenience is not caused by the grand features of a certain electronic device. People also desire portability. The contemporary man or woman is to on-the-go; therefore he desires to have his gadgets as small and as light as possible. This is evidenced by the continuous shrinkage of laptop pc's. Just as the people are beginning to go shopping for good laptop computers, these manufacturers introduce smaller plus advanced mini laptops. Consequently it is advisable obtain a mini laptop computer instead of the traditional big ones. Sooner or later, all laptops will be small. With the way technology is shaping up, this is an inevitable change. On your quest to find the best mini laptop computer, you will get together several different selections. However, it would be tricky to choose one if not often obtained know what you're in need of. That said, you may want to review the five most popular mini laptops in the market today. From there, you can decide what to buy.Acer Aspire One Probably the most famous mini laptop today, the Acer Aspire One is light and it sports an 8.9-inch screen which is perfect for all users because it's wide enough to watch movies in, and small enough to simply fit into a small bag. Further, it comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU and its memory can go as high as 2GB of Ram. It also has a huge storage space of 160GB and its battery life can are as long as 3 hours. With a laptop this small yet as powerful as its much bigger counterparts, how's that for one of the best mini laptops out many.
Asus Eee PC 1000HE Launched last February 2009, his is ideal for folks who travel a lot seeing that the main advantage of this mini laptop is its 6-cell battery that allows the user to enjoy his laptop for an incredible 10 hours. Moreover, this notebook is a lot faster than any other Asus laptop there is because it comes with an innovative new Intel Atom 280 central processing unit. It also sports a 10-inch LED-lit screen, 160GB hard drive, Bluetooth, revised keyboard, and 802.11n wireless networking. For those who do not entirely understand these technical jargons, truly states that this laptop is currently the fastest and most convenient Asus mini laptop in the. Dell Inspiron Mini 10/10v Its official release was February 26, 2009 at Dell's website. It boasts of a 10.1-inch HD visual display unit with an HDMI port for connectivity. It also incorporates a Blu-ray disc burner, this means can perform burn and watch HD videos and movies acording to this laptop. It comes along with a basic Intel Atom Z520 but can be configured with an Intel Atom Z530. It has a storage space of 160GB and 2GB of Ram memory. Also, it has advanced connectivity parts say for example a 1505802.11n Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, collectively with a built-in webcam. In other words, this is because they luxury mini laptop. GPAbout the Author:For the latest IT equipment try out ITC Sales, the UK's largest direct supplier laptop or computer clearance such as Dell Laptops like the Dell Inspiron or the Dell Vostro
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