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for vulnerable high school girls in japan, a culture of \'dates\' with older men

by:Sofie      2020-04-20
In many parts of the world, high school dating is no big deal --
But in Japan it means something completely different.
Here, \"high school dating\" pairs girls in uniform with men aged 40 and 50 and above.
This means that the money is easy.
Sometimes this includes walking around the block or having a drink at the bar.
More often than not, it involves sex.
Child prostitution with another name
\"It\'s easy to talk to these girls,\" said a man in his 30 s, sitting in front of a wooden desk at AKB High School, a cafe in Akihabara, tokyo is famous for its Asian culture. A 17-year-
The old girl in school uniform brought the man and his colleagues, all of whom refused to give their names, beer and chat.
\"We found that the normal bar is not interesting now,\" he said . \"
\"I\'m tired of the bar with the old woman.
They admit that uniforms are an important part of attracting tourists.
\"They look cute,\" said his 40-year-old friend . \"
\"Uniforms make them look twice as cute and half as they actually are.
This is Japan\'s \"JK\" or \"high school dating\" business. (
\"Joshi koshi\" means \"high school girls\" in Japanese, and English initials JK are commonly used here to describe this practice. )
Although some cafes like this are relatively innocent
Those who hire high school girls must close before 10 in the evening. m.
That means it\'s not too late for a man to come back to his wife.
A large part of the world is not like this.
High school dating has a variety of levels, starting with a cafe of underage girls, starting with a peep show where high school girls sit behind a cafe --
The mirrors on their school uniforms pose according to the customer\'s requirements.
There is also a \"tour guide\", which usually ends with some kind of sexual service when girls go for a walk with men, and a direct \"paid appointment \"--
The reward of sex.
Kazue Muta, professor of sociology and gender studies at Osaka University, said the taboo factor makes girls in school uniforms attractive to men.
\"Japan is a man-and-woman society where young and seemingly innocent people are more valuable and attractive,\" she said . \"
In a recent report on international human rights practices, the State Department noted that concerns were raised about the sexual exploitation of children in Japan, saying that \"paid appointments\" were particularly conducive to sexual transactions with children.
In recent years, some efforts have been made to limit this business, but few of these efforts --
Part of the reason is that few people think this is a problem.
Aoaoyama, a photographer known for her \"female student complex\", said it was just a business from his point of view.
\"Some men want to be with high school girls and some girls want to make money,\" he said . \".
One of the people who tried to take action on this was Tachibana, June of the non-profit organization bond program, which tried to get girls out of the street and stop them from entering JK business.
Last night, Tachibana and two colleagues patrolled the busy area near Shibuya
Cheap restaurants and fast and stylish streets are everywhere, looking for girls who may have trouble.
\"Hi,\" said Tachibana, who approached a girl who squatted at a busy meeting place near the exit of Shibuya railway station with two bags on her shoulder, hun.
That night she had the look of a girl who didn\'t want to go home.
Orange saw that she was a month-year-
The old ones they found in the area before.
She said, \"Why don\'t you go home? I\'ll see you off at the station . \" She offered to accompany the girl to the tracks.
But the girl refused.
\"Well, at least get up so you don\'t look so vulnerable,\" said Tachibana . \".
\"A girl in a difficult situation --
They may come from a poor family or they may be sexually abused at home --
\"They find it sad to live their own lives,\" Tachibana said . \".
\"Some people say that they are too lonely to die and want to disappear.
These girls usually have no place to live, so they enter the JK business.
\"Eight claw flowers are lucky this evening.
Later, she went back to the venue and persuaded the girl to go home.
\"My work is done tonight,\" she said . \"
\"I was very successful with a girl.
\"But when there is still so much demand, it won\'t be too different to take the girl from the street one by one --
Especially those who are still in school.
If there are two 16-year-
An JK business manager who asked to be called Taka said: \"old girl, one in school, one out of school, the customer will always choose the person in school,\" the abbreviation of his name.
One of his businesses involved peeping, showing girls aged 15 to 17 sitting on folding paper cranes in school uniforms, with their legs neatly arranged so they could see their underwear.
Men spend $60 watching the girl they choose for 30 minutes.
\"Many Japanese men have found something pornographic in their school uniforms,\" Taka said . \".
\"They would be disappointed if they found out she was not at school.
\"The girls who are in the JK business insist on choosing to do the job, and Taka says it is not exploitation because the girls want to do the business.
\"When we were recruiting for girls under the age of 18, we received a lot of applications. \" Mio, a 17-year-
She was in the second year of high school in Tokyo and started the business last year, having sex with a man in the karaoke room for $30.
\"I feel lonely when I am at home at night and hope someone needs me.
\"That\'s what I did,\" said Mio, who only asked for identification with her job name.
Now she released a messaging app over the weekend
When she\'s not practicing in a dance or band
Found an eager audience, sometimes college students, sometimes men in their 50 s, as big as her father.
Once a man pinched her while making love.
The other, she said, \"won\'t stop when I say no.
She said: \"But in general, the man is very kind to her.
\"I feel accepted and needed, otherwise I don\'t have those feelings,\" Mio said at lunch . \" He was wearing fresh faces and oversized sweaters from any other teenager.
But she describes a family life where her parents hate each other and she hates them.
\"I wish I could stop.
I might stop it if I don\'t feel lonely anymore.
\"Advocates for girls say this is nothing more than child prostitution.
\"Some girls tell me it\'s like in karaoke or fast-
The food store, but it\'s not right, \"said Yumeno Nito, 27. year-
The old man who runs Colabo, a support group that helps exploit girls.
\"They were convinced that it was the same job and were kind to their adults at first in order to attract them into the industry.
\"Nito\'s team helps girls who are raped or beaten, and girls who are convinced to do degrading things or have difficulty learning because they think it will make them feel
Depression and mental instability are common phenomena.
Sociologist Muta said that even if ordinary Japanese think this is not normal, they will blame the girl for the responsibility.
Pregnant high school girls are often expelled from school.
\"They don\'t think this can be helped because these bad girls exist,\" she said . \".
\"Many people think it\'s a problem for girls, not for men.
\"So when the authorities discuss ways to curb this practice, they tend to come up with ideas like a curfew for girls instead of punishing men for having sex with high school students, Muta said.
In recent years, regulations have tightened slightly to address the issue of exploitation.
In 2014, girls were banned from working officially in the \"high school girls\" store, but many still did.
There is even one word in the ad that is theirs: \"Under 18 \".
Tachibana of the Bond Project said: \"The legislation will not solve this problem.
\"These girls are still children and what they are experiencing is sexual exploitation,\" she said . \".
\"But the implementation of stricter regulations will only push these activities to the ground and will actually make girls more dangerous.
\"On the contrary, it is important to understand how these girls enter the industry.
Japanese society has long believed that girls should be responsible for their actions in this situation, but Nito said that this attitude ignores the background of girls and the fact that many people have been out of mainstream social structures.
\"They often don\'t get the necessary help because they are just considered prostitutes or girls who are not doing well,\" she said . \".
\"Unless this changes, girls will continue to be attracted to JK business. \"---
Yuki Oda contributed to this report.
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