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Gregory Z55 Backpack - A Backpack For All Seasons

by:Sofie      2020-09-05
The Gregory Z55 backpack is the second biggest backpack in Gregory's 'Ventilated Backpacking' range. It is a popular model amongst backpackers and is for full-blown camping adventures lasting several weeks time.
Like all Gregory backpacks, it is robust, flexible, fits like a dream and is wonderfully good. You'll trailblaze for miles without realising its there!
The Z in the model's name indicates that it's a ventilated bookbag. This is a really useful innovation for people who like our hikes in the Arizona hot temperatures! Instead of the pack resting against the whole of the back becoming regular pack, the Z55 incorporates Gregory's Jetstream' technology which increases the backpack slightly away through middle of the back. Air is eager to ventilate the particular space between pack and back allowing sweat to evaporate.
Available in 3 different sizes, the Gregory Z55 backpack spans a capacity range between 51 and 61 ltrs. The backpack size you choose will have confidence in your height and the duration of your torso. When measuring your torso, make sure you do so from the bottom of your neck to several items of your back.
If your size and desired capacity combo aren't working out, you can look into fairly 'Triconi 60' or the smaller 'Z45' gadgets. Note however, the Triconi 60 does not feature 'Jetstream' ventilation.
Tried and tested, the Gregory Z55 backpack carrys upto 40lbs of weight which is shipped evenly all around the hips because of well designed waistbelt. Backpack weight does not increase significantly across the sizes. Average weighs 3lbs 13ozs along with the large is barely 6ozs way more.
Another element of the Z55 always be the waistbelt's three adjustable size options which might just proved useful if you'd a bit too much breakfast!
Is Your Backpack Wonderful to view To Carry Or A weight?
Famous for their superb comfort and excellent fit, Gregory backpacks are usually enjoyed by backpackers across the country for over 30 months or even years.
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