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Gregory Z55 Backpack Review

by:Sofie      2020-09-05
The Gregory Z55 backpack is the second largest backpack in Gregory's 'Ventilated Backpacking' range. It is a popular model amongst backpackers and is designed for full-blown camping adventures lasting several days.
True to Gregory's philosophy, the Z55 is designed to suit the contours among the back, hips and shoulders smoothly and comfortably. Just in the form of comfy pair of boots, backpacking gets to be a lot more enjoyable when parts of your body are not crying out in pain!
The Gregory Z55 backpack is a 'Ventilated' backpack meaning this is in order to keep you cool, can easily be factor consideration if you're generally hike in hot climes. This true ventilation is mainly because of the internal frame which minimises contact between untamed dogs and the very center of your back. Air is liberated to waft against the sweat onto your back and gently wick it away.
The Z55 is for three sizes to suit differences in people's structure. The small version which sits comfortably on a torso size between 16-18' has a capacity of 51 litres. Likewise, the medium version (for torso 18-20') has a capacity of 55 litres and the large (20-22') holds upto 61 litres.
If your size and desired capacity combo aren't working out, you appear into fairly 'Triconi 60' or the smaller 'Z45' models. Note however, the Triconi 60 does not feature 'Jetstream' ventilation.
Tried and tested, the Gregory Z55 backpack carrys upto 40lbs of weight which is shipped evenly throughout the hips as a the created waistbelt. Backpack weight doesn't increase significantly across the sizes. Model weighs 3lbs 13ozs as well as the large is just 6ozs much.
Overall, the Gregory Z55 backpack can be a solid performer, fits well and will help keep your back dry on the trail.
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