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Hansraj Model School A Best School At Punjabi Bagh

by:Sofie      2020-09-05
Established in the year1966, a Punjabi Bagh area of West Delhi, Hans Raj Model School is as reported by the ideals of the DAV movement and seeks to impart the lofty ideals of Maharishi Swami Dayanand. A lot of the blogs in the school are full of heat and affections that the students have expressed for their alma mater. The school infrastructure is made up of multistoried building that overlooks the lush green lawns. The Kindergarten section is an individual campus sprawling across 9.5-acre. The school is affiliated to the CBSE and this is recognized by the Govt. of Delhi.
The school harbors a global perspective in regards to the DAV Movement started by swami Dayanand saraswati the great reformer and path maker of modern India beliefs in social reform His call to revisit the Vedas for reconstruction of the actual were the basis of DAV Movement in the country. On the 31st January 1886 after the death of Swami Dayanand, Mahatma Hansraj established the D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society which today stands considering the oldest and biggest non-governmental educational organization in Asia. It covers broadly the entire spectrum of educational activity in australia.
The society has developed 750 institutions from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Manipur to Rajasthan with a view fulfill the demand for enlightening and progressive education based for a requirements of latest times with emphasis on values of life. A little of the salient associated with the school have been its student and teacher exchange program DAV City Council of Birmingham Exchange Programme wherein the teachers visit UK, Japan and other countries and teachers their own schools reciprocate.
The school has earmarked a 6-acre site adjacent to the school into a children's forest where students and dignitaries have planted around 4000 trees in order to produce a garden of Good-Will International under its Vatika program. University provides the students with an array of modern facilities that include multimedia systems, computer aided education, av aids, L.C.D Projectors.
The classrooms are all well ventilated, spacious networked with 'Class' providing parents along with the students of class X and XII to have interaction on a particular platform with their individual security passwords. Even lesson plans, attendance and examination schedules have conveniently been offered online. University lays as much of concentrate on extra and co-curricular activities such as: swimming, skating, yoga, taekwondo, music and dance up to it does on instructors.
The quality centre' targets providing remedial classes into the academically weak students. Counseling sessions are held for the student of classes VI VIII. The college has 10 houses along with a House-warden incharge assisted with a group of staff and prefects.
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