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how to buy backpack

by:Sofie      2020-04-23
With so many designs and specs, you are overwhelmed by the choice when you buy your backpack.
This article will guide you on how to purchase a backpack that suits your travel needs, regardless of your budget.
But first, let\'s take a look at the other travel bag options compared to the backpack.
Travel Backpack.
The usual way to travel is to drag a suitcase or backpack.
Which is better for you depending on your travel and personal requirements.
However, choosing the wrong travel bag will not only waste your money, but also ruin your trip.
So let\'s get a quick idea of the pros and cons of traveling backpacks and suitcases.
Suitcase: advantages-
Good storage space and content can be easily retrieved.
The less creases on clothes, the safer these fragile items will be. Disadvantages -
You cannot carry into the cabin without a roller. If your hotel does not have an elevator, it will be difficult for you to carry your suitcase for a long time and it will not be easy to lift your suitcase to the floor of your room.
The suitcase is usually heavier than the backpack: advantages-
Can be stored in a compartment above the plane (
For smaller backpacks)
If you don\'t have an elevator in your hotel, it\'s much easier to go upstairs, compared to doing other things with both hands, such as reading the map.
If your flight is delayedIdeal, it can be used as a pillow if you want to travel easily. Your trip can be more impromptu;
Make it easy for you to explore the area or store with your backpack on your back after check-out --
If you buy a wrong backpack, it may not be big enough to pack more, it may be difficult to lift up and return to your back, which may bring to your shoulders and back
If these have reiterated your decision to purchase a backpack, let\'s take a look at the various types of backpacks on the market.
There are several types of backpacks on the market for travel backpacks and hiking backpacks.
They vary in size, design and features.
Many of these backpacks are developed for specific purposes and their specifications will vary greatly.
So if you know some of these basic types and features, it will help you to choose the right backpack for your needs.
One of the most common mistakes most people make is to buy a backpack designed for hiking, not for traveling.
The hiking backpack is designed for hiking and is top notchloading.
It is much larger in size compared to the travel backpack.
Therefore, you cannot continue to store the aircraft cabin in the overhead bin. With a top-
Pack your backpack and all your stuff will be piled together.
When you need to get something, you have to take everything out of the bag.
Hiking backpacks also have different sizes depending on whether your trip is a day or more.
So its size can range from 15L to 80L or more.
You may need to provide additional storage space for your sleeping bag, cooker, etc.
When you go hiking
Malaysia says you don\'t need to carry all of these things when you are traveling.
So you don\'t need to buy a backpack with a lot of capacity like a hiking backpack.
Comfort backpack your travel backpack must also be comfortable.
A good travel backpack should have a thick but soft padding to cushion the weight of the backpack.
This is not only for shoulder straps but also for the back.
Padding with large grooves will allow air circulation.
This will keep you cool.
Other features you may want to look for are the breastbone band and the belt.
These two additional features will help to redistribute the weight of the bag to the hips, thereby reducing some of the burden on the shoulders and, most importantly, the back.
Ideal material for backpack material travel backpack should be thick, but light weight, at least part of the rain proof (
Full rain protection will cost more! )
You also want it to be durable with coated fabricresistance.
There are so many choices and the price changes accordingly.
The selection is very personalized according to your preferences and budget.
So, you need to see and touch it yourself before you finally decide on the material type. Backpack -
Especially in the hot summer, your back is sweating when you are walking around.
This will intensify if you have your backpack behind you.
So when you buy a travel backpack, choose a waist design with a gap between the backpack and the back to let the air move between the two.
Not only does this help keep you slightly cooler, but it will be more comfortable with the uniform distribution of weight.
Backpack zip lock purchase a travel backpack with two zippers in each compartment and secure them using TSA-approved padlocks.
This will not only reduce the chances of people stealing your things, but will also put unwanted things in your backpack.
If your backpack doesn\'t have a zipper lock, or in order to add security, consider buying Pacsafe, it will wrap your entire backpack with a metal mesh.
You can then lock it and even lock it to another larger item to prevent it from being moved.
The downside to using Pacsafe is that you will carry extra weight in addition to the backpack and everything in your bag.
Alternatively, you can buy a rain-proof backpack.
This will serve as a safety and rain shield.
Finally, look for a travel backpack with top or side handles.
This will help to load and unload backpacks easily.
In the upper part of your backpack, next to your spine, pack all your heavy stuff.
This reduces pain in the back and shoulders.
Before buying a backpack online, it is important to try it first.
Go to the store and try a variety of brands, designs and models.
Choose the hotel that best suits your travel needs.
Once you have decided on the model, you can purchase the backpack online, and on the other hand the backpack is smaller in size, usually around 22 L x 14 B x 9 D.
With this size, you can take you to the cabin of most airlines.
However, there are larger-sized travel backpacks for travelers who need to carry more things and are willing to check in their backpacks when flying.
Backpack size guide if you are going to buy a travel backpack larger than 43L then choose a backpack that is proportional to your body.
Check the torso and hip size guide on the label.
This will tell you if it fits your body frame.
If you choose a larger backpack, it may not be able to balance properly and will cause pain in your back.
You might even fall!
The travel backpack is supposed to be in front.
This is similar to a suitcase, unlike a hiking backpack loaded on the top, which gives you easy access to everything.
It also helps to better organize your clothes, toiletries and any personal items.
All travel backpacks are now available in several compartments to help you organize your packaging better.
You may want to put the clothes in the main section and put other small items in the side bag.
For a traveling backpack with me. e.
It is allowed to be brought into the cabin and an external compartment large enough to store a quart-sized bag for toiletries and other liquid items. (
You need to get them out at airport security).
Now that you know how to buy a travel backpack and enjoy your shopping experience, plan your trip.
Be sure to plan your trip and enjoy it.
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