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Just how the YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School)

by:Sofie      2020-08-21
Youth With A Mission is an international Christian missionary organisation, located in over 160 countries all over the world. The slogan of YWAM is 'To Know God and Cause him to Known'. YWAM was founded by Loren Cunningham in 1960, and now has about 16000 full time staff in over 800 operating locations.
The YWAM Discipleship Training School is known worldwide as a training course in Christian Discipleship, also entry to joining [Youth With A Mission;YWAM] as being a staff [trainee;intern;member], or long-run staff.
The DTS is frequently 5-6 months long but some YWAM locations extend this, sometimes 9, 10 or 12 months long to include various ministry opportunities as well as the core training green. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) has 12 weeks of lectures, and 2-3 months of practical outreach, usually overseas.
The 'lecture phase' of a Youth With A Mission DTS is regarding misnamed. Yes, irrespective of how a speaker who will speak on a subject matter for a teaching week, but these weeks are usually life-changing, and affect your heart and spirit as well as solid head knowledge. Often there will be worship times, prayer and intercession times, ministry times to receive prayer, as well as small groups of 6-8 students and staff to discuss the teaching further more.
The YWAM DTS curriculum contains the following: encountering God, seeing life from God's perspective, recognising Jesus as Lord, becoming more like Jesus, do the works of Jesus, orientate to YWAM. These are, of course, broad topics, within the YWAM location and YWAM DTS will pay for these topics in slightly different ways in which.
Sometimes during a Discipleship Training School there will be local outreach opportunities, which give the scholars a chance place into practice the teaching they are learning and to share the love of Jesus.
During the DTS students usually exist in community together, with 2 or more students sharing a location. Depending on the spot this can additionally be more of a dormitory style, with bunk beds. Should are considering deciding on be a student on a YWAM DTS you may want to ask some of these practical questions when communicating with the DTS registrar. Please note that Youth By using a Mission is a Christian organisation and although healthy relationships are encouraged, the priority of putting God first is emphasised, and dating students or staff during the course is discouraged. The Discipleship Training School often includes some relationship teaching, which can be really useful when you are all areas of life, and helps many people, bringing healing to past hurts in interactions. The Discipleship Training School isn't a counselling centre, however, and quite often deep hurts require professional counselling.
Life on a DTS can deemed lot of amazing. Lifelong friendships can be made, and experiences of other cultures, both at the YWAM base as well as abroad on outreach, are so valuable. The insightful riches found folks from different cultures come together is priceless. There's a few places you will quickly where you can meet and befriend people from around the world, but often a YWAM base will possess a number of continents represented amongst the workers and students. Students may never have left their home country before coming on the DTS, but gaining knowledge from each other, consuming food and hearing stories, travelling together, late night chats and games, worshipping and praying ' so several different aspects of life are shared.
Going on outreach is a key component of the DTS. Travelling together with other students and staff to reach by helping cover their the love of Jesus, showing compassion, evangelism, arts and drama, sports, music, evangelism ' many many different involving outreach which may be involved in the Discipleship Training School. Building projects and serving in practical ways, performing or preaching on the streets, ministering in churches, praying for the sick, helping the homeless ' the YWAM DTS consider many forms, can be challenging always involves caring and loving people, serving and being the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. Putting into practice the teaching learnt in the classroom is a way for the teaching to join your life, not necessarily just something in your skull.
The YWAM DTS looks a bit different dependant upon the focus of the YWAM base you are attending. Each location has it's own feel and various leaders. In the same way each church will be varied so it can be with YWAM. When deciding which YWAM base to check out for a DTS it can be employed to have a personal recommendation from [someone you know;a friend]. Of course, God often leads you together with place, do not forget in order to in communication with your church leaders, youth leader, parents and friends when thinking a big decision like visting another area or another country to come aboard Youth By using a Mission in addition, it take a Discipleship Training School.
YWAM Scotland runs the YWAM DTS at the Seamill training base, Stanely House, additionally the the Operation Year (a 10 month DTS ) in Edinburgh. Each school possesses its own own flavour and you've look carefully at 1 before deciding where to get information. Hopefully this particular article has been helpful and even we'll view you in Scotland on your YWAM DTS!
YWAM Scotland is part of Youth Using a Mission, an international, interdenominational Christian organisation. YWAM DTS
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