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Kidzee Little Scholars School: Every Child Is Special

by:Sofie      2020-09-01
Within almost a decade of its existence, Kidzee has nurtured more than 1, 50,000 children throughout India. Being a pioneer and leader in early childhood care & education, Kidzee has set unparalleled standards in child development space. With years of dedicated research done by its CDE experts, Kidzee has developed the best-in-class child centric learning methodology called iLLUME. Through iLLUME, Kidzee ensures that every child learns and develops in the best way you can. In addition to age-appropriate activities in kindergarten, which prepare a child for success in formal school; other activities such as language learning, numbers, general knowledge, music and art are conducted in a planned manner throughout the process.
Change is the only constant; what exists today may become obsolete in the morning. Kidzee prepares a child to deal with all these uncertainties making a foundation where youngsters becomes a lifelong student. The school empowers the children to understand, apply and construct their own in order to a situation. Kidzee has opened up branches various parts of the country to provide all round education to the younger children. Kidzee Little Scholars School in Surya Vihar, Gurgaon, has set its own standard in nursery education in the locality. The school keeps growing in leaps and bounds with the belief just about every child is special there are an infinite potential; the need is just to conserve the child realizing these residences.
Kidzee Little Scholars School helps children learn additional skills and develop into responsible adults through its various enrichment activities which are organized regularly after the school hours. These activities are fashioned around multiple-intelligence. It is proved that music enhances concentration power; so the school lays importance in providing music education to the little toddlers. Special classes are arranged to develop the children's interest towards music and dance. Kidzee has joined hands with Dance India, a popular reality dance show on Zee TV, to form Dance India Dance Li'l Masters School. The objective of this program is to introduce dance as a key medium to enhance learning among children.
Kidzee Little Scholars School is fully equipped to fulfill the needs of pleasure. Modern infrastructural facilities like spacious well ventilated classrooms, activity room, play ground, swimming pool, art & craft studio and transportation offer the children the scope to develop each expertise they have. The teachers follow the playway method present and explain various things to the heirs. As children learn fast if something is demonstrated to them practically, so the teachers take ascertain of projectors and 3D devices. University is fast proving itself to be one of the best in playschool education.
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