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Meters.D.H. International School In Janakpuri

by:Sofie      2020-08-30
Surprising but equally inspiring how far the spices business get you!. The earth has seen the silk route and the spice route but few have seen the route where your teen who could not even complete class 5, became children name the actual day natoion and here is the proud founding father of the MDH Schools elaborated as the Mahashian Di Hatti popularly known as the school run by the 'Deggi Mirch' people. A multi storied sombre grey colored school building that overlooks a vast playground; the college imparts quality education towards new generation.
The aim of the school has always been to inculcate in watching the best of Indian culture and cultures. The Philosophy of Mahashay Dharampal Ji iwas to 'Give to everyone the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically' and today MDH is synonymous not only for quality spices but also for its contributions towards the welfare of society through its schools, Hospitals and Trust. The school has an outstanding foundation and believes in the 4 learning's: Learning to Do, To be able to Be, Learning to Know and Learning to survive Together. Affiliated to CBSE, and identified by the Delhi Govt., the college imparts education from nursery to class 12.
The main medium of instruction is English even though the second language taught is Hindi. Computer-aided teaching commences from Nursery itself. The syllabus from classes 1 to 8 is as documented in the NCERT guidelines followed by the guidelines prescribed from the CBSE from classes 9 to 10 and the newly introduced Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) applicable for classes 11 and 12. The school offers Sanskrit French and German as optional languages to choose from in larger classes.
The activity rooms are for Indian Music, Indian Dance, Western Music, Western Dance, Elocution Art, Craft, Theatre and SUPW. Physical education includes Meditation. A lot of emphasis is laid on Value education, personality development, social, and environmental awareness at the MDH International School, Dwarka. The school has four Houses represented by the colours red for Prem, a benefit to Sewa, yellow for Satya and blue for Pragati. Every child from classes I to XII is a member 1 or one other House and will be required to use their respective House colored T-Shirts as and when required. MDH schools strive at molding the children into becoming responsible and well-behaved individuals in the emerging global scenario.
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