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Multicultural environment in an International School

by:Sofie      2020-08-29
The Lancer's International School, Gurgaon a new student-centered education in a stimulating, multicultural environment, which gives each student the opportunity and freedom for the fullest possible development as a whole person prepared for all times. Its concern is for the student's intellectual, physical, moral spiritual, creative and social improvement. This is realized through a collection of different of opportunities and challenges free of gender bias where exactly the development of fundamental skill goes hand in hand with the freedom to explore that will create. The location of the school in Gurgaon and its particular largely multicultural staff gives the school an unique possibility for foster an involving intercultural education. The English Curriculum, IB Diploma and the international nature on the community gives all students a global perspective, nurturing a respect for all people, cultures and religions. The International school Gurgaon received a dramatic facelift every year. The whole school moved just up the read from the main School grounds to an entirely separate and new purpose-built primary school. The lancer's International School received a dramatic facelift this year. The entire primary school moved just up the way from the main school grounds to an entirely separate and new purpose-built primary school. Now every year group has minimum two classrooms with their own teacher. Niche markets . also specialist rooms for learning and language support, music, computer studies and counselor. Similarly, there've been major changes to the high school graduation. With the primary school gone, the secondary school completely took over-the-counter main building. All the old temporary classrooms were removed and classes moved inside. Our easy, peasy, lemon squeeze struggle was all worth it and our new home has quickly becomes this happy host to learning. It's bright, it's cheerful and have all enjoyed another wonderful year. Our year contained all of the usual favourites, our own Diwali and Christmas Shows lighting up our first semester. Class assemblies, saving the world, year 6 literacy and puppet shows then helped head our year ticking away. In the word what of Abraham Lincoln 'Freedom is the last, best hope of earth.' Freedom means something dissimilar to different people. The assembly on ''Freedom Redefined' helped students to express their feelings and say aloud what freedom meant to all of. The assembly was about various kinds of freedom like freedom from poverty and freedom from racial discrimination. The assembly begun with Martin Luther King's speech 'I possess a dream'. The students read out their self composed poems and prose there have been students from year seven eight and nine playing different types of music and songs to express their feelings. For the upcoming session all of us making a for you to give some extra amenities to existence and we will give our level best afford to train them through which their educational journey commences with lots of fascinating happiness. So parents should forgive worries that how to secure their child because we provide full lowdown service better than any International school in India. Just you need to avail our service & its promise to all individual that you will fill proud to become a part individuals School. And it's also a get pleasure for us in giving our best for children's.
Lancer's International schools India is facilitate with well educated teachers, to educate your child however help of their modern techniques supplementations your child mind as sharp as they can learn any thing easily. Our school is planning additional medications . unique history of all International schools Delhi
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