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No Power Laptop: How to repair or Repair No Power

by:Sofie      2020-08-29
Laptop Problem: This laptop came in with a complaint of no supply.
Laptop Brand: Sharp
Model: PC-MJ720R
Diagnosis, Cause and Remedy: The first thing I did so was testing the power adapter with a multimeter in order to verify whether the power adapter is the one that's causing the no power problem or not. The production voltage indicated on the capacity adapter is 19v, while i tested it, the supply voltage is just general. Since the power adapter is just okay, our concentration now is on the laptop itself. In order to ascertain whether the motherboard of the laptop or other peripheral devices which is connected to your laptop causes the no power problem, we in order to disassemble the laptop gradually. After unscrewing all the laptop parts, I individually pull out each peripheral devices. After completely taking out all devices which is connected to the laptop. I now separated the motherboard in order to be tested. But first I clean out all of the dust from the motherboard for this is also an one factor which causes the motherboard electronic components to be shorted. Because when dust gets thick it will become a conductor.
So you must aware of this, every time you disassemble a laptop motherboard you can free the motherboard from all dust, to be sure not the dust is the element causing the motherboard's electronic component parts to be shorted. After cleaning all the dust from the motherboard, I scan all the components to see whether there are any dry joints or not. Dry joints means loose or poor solder connections. Poor solder connections on the laptop motherboard usually occur when your laptop is already well-advanced in a long. I did not find any poor solder connections on any area of the motherboard, but for contentment I just carefully resoldered all the SMD components especially on the power section.
Note: All laptop nowadays is designed on a Surface Mounted Device or SMD mode, and this is rarely have dry joints. However for satisfaction I cautiously resoldered all the SMD components especially the SMD components on the dc power jack port.
After resoldering all the sections that ought to be resoldered, I inserted the dc power plug adapter for the dc power jack and see regardless of if the power comes up wards. Unfortunately, the condition of the problem remains to be the same. I now tested all the electronic parts on the motherboard to find out whether there are any shorted electronic element parts which causes the no power problem. After testing all the components that could be tested merely by using a multimeter, I wasn't able to find any shorted parts. The only parts that I still not checked was the dc power jack along with the fuse.
The final step that I did was testing power jack from input to ground for short. When I tested it, voila! the issue found because it's really shorted. I used x1 range of my multimeter to view the fault and either way there's a deflection. When Time passes on testing the fuse, I found that the fuse was also open, the rate of the fuse is 5.5 amperes and upon further inspection I found a shorted diode.
The reason why the power jack terminals were shorted is as a result of shorted diode that is connected towards the power port. Replacing the diode and the fuse brings laptop computer to life. Hope this article helped you a few ideas about solving laptop no power problem.
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