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Oxford School Vikas Puri: A Best Education Point

by:Sofie      2020-08-29
Oxford School is found in Vikaspuri in Delhi. The school runs under the guidance of Chairperson Mrs. Kiron Prabhakar. This lady has inspired a passion for knowledge and truth in Oxfordians. Her motivational spirit leaves a deep touching on every mind and taught them that hard-work, tolerance, camaraderie, team-spirit and perseverance are the stepping stones to profits. Late Dr. C.P. Prabhakar 'Mawthiri' will be the founder chairman of the school. The school's motto is 'Vidhya Dadati Vinyam'.
The motto is a vivid reflection in the mettle that explores making of an institution. Oxford Senior Secondary School is really a co-educational institution that was established in 1970 under the Patronage of Hansraj Prabhakar Educational Society. Late Dr. C. Environnant les. Prabhakar (Founder Chairman) and Smt. Kiron Prabhakar (presently Chairperson) together with their hard work, grit and determination set out to place a reason for future.
The school is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration and is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. The school aims to satisfy the challenging needs of providing comprehensive education to develop issues related to a child's disposition. The school aims to impart education to children on a most modern lines and to offer an environment that is most congenial into the growth and wholesome children.
The school lays emphasis on character building, self-discipline as well as the development of the creative and social facilities. At the school, in the Pre-School and Pre-Primary School teaching and learning is based entirely on play-way methods. At testimonials . Level, the children take part in group activities as well as individual work. Class VI onwards the lecture method is commonly used. The students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities. Here the education is extended beyond the realms of conventional classrooms. The school provides the Oxfordians opportunities for an over-all development of the personalities.
The students purchase an exposure to co-curricular activities through Intra-Class and Inter-House Tournaments. The school helps in shaping dynamic personalities. In the Pre-Primary and Primary sections, the kids are encouraged to initiate mass participation through Intra-class competitions. Class VI onwards, students are divided into four houses. These are Aravalli, Nanda Devi, Neelgiri and Shivalik. Students are encouraged to take part in declamations, debates, extempore, poem recitation, humorous skits, quizzes etc.
The school displays well-developed infrastructure. College has an administrative block which has the Ground I, II and II hardwood floor. Each Floor is divided into 3 blocks A, B and C. The institution has a biology laboratory, physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, computer laboratory, audio-visual laboratory, mathematics laboratory, library, multipurpose hall, music room, sports room, art and craft room, medical room, school reception, staff rooms, basket ball courts, skating rink, volleyball court, badminton court, table tennis hall, sports grounds and assembly a foot-hold.
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