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rubberbandits\' bag-on-head look is toast of lfw

by:Sofie      2020-04-19
It seems that the impact of Rubber Bandits is growing.
High-end fashion has been plundering avant-garde, and last week, Christopher Shannon, probably the biggest upstart in the UK fashion scene, appeared to have a horse outside man when presented in a London series.
His A/W 2015 series sparked A huge debate in the fashion world as it showed plastic bags on the head of the model, etc.
The Daily Mail, also shocked and fascinated, asked in the title: \"is the garbage of a man really the fashion of another man? Christopher Shannon sent the male model with a plastic bag on his head to the runway.
\"The young Liverpool designer has sent many of his male models to the runway, with their heads and faces covered in corners --
\"Store shopping bags\", added the mail \".
Corner shop plastic bags if you don\'t mind!
The series has now sparked a heated discussion among fashion commentators about the real meaning of plastic bags on their heads. Style.
Com sees this as a more thoughtful understanding of \"derelicte\", a trend for fashion spoof movie Zoolander, which is \"a fashion, A crack prostitute inspired by homeless people and homeless people that makes this wonderful city so unique \". Style.
Com uses plastic bags as a metaphor for the whole of Britain.
\"Outside of 1 pc-
The bubble swells in central London, and most parts of the UK are now going through a difficult period.
Some blame the UK for its poor economic conditions and believe it has collapsed.
So there is a background in a politically colored fashion statement. . .
Shannon\'s review is horizontal, observant, and played for laughs: this description is reminiscent of Keith genius in Martin Armys London.
They even thought about the cultural echo of the eight-brother aesthetics.
The blue and white stripes of the tote bag with the \"Save Me\" red font echo the \"value\" on the sweater (aka cheapest)
The largest supermarket chain in the UK (
This is a radical management in itself. led downsizing). \"A real chin-The style is \"stroker \".
Com said, \"it\'s possible to make a hypothesis about representing a non-exposed, potential designer --
The hungry generation drifted on the streets full of closed businesses.
However, it is not clear whether this has angered Shannon and made him happy.
\"In a daze, the plastic bag on people\'s heads\" is not only a game of disposable fashion and disposable culture, but also a concept of bin liner fashion as a model coming out with the cliché of folds-
Neck details built in candy-
The striped plastic bags and the blue street corner shopping bags cover their faces.
\"When Christopher Shannon puts the bag on the head of the model, you have to wonder if he really considered all of these things, from Martin Armys to Tesco.
What I\'m trying to say is that when he sees the rubber robber, it\'s more likely to subconsciously take it away.
The photo of the promo collected above certainly seems to echo the horse outside the video.
Art/punk/comedy combo Rubberbandits is more likely to think of all of the above issues when tying plastic bags to their heads.
In fact, the evolution of the rubber band bag itself is a considerable statement.
They started with Spar, Tesco and Centra packs, which could have been a deliberate hijacking of these brands, and also made it clear that they definitely wore bags, not masks.
When they are famous, you may have noticed that they are starting to use more local packages.
Blindboy is now wearing a red bag from JC supermarket with a sword in it, while Mr. Chrome will wear Limerick take-
Stay away from the chicken house.
You can assume that there are a lot of ideas in this evolution.
Reject the established brands they originally used to attract attention, and instead make statements about local communities and small businesses.
Artists and avant-garde fashion designers have been thinking about the fashion world.
The rubber robber will not be the first situational to influence fashion, nor will it be the last.
In fact, you have to wonder if the plastic bag boom will lead to further looting of the rubber robber\'s work, and the plastic bag boom is known as the performance of the \"pound shop rage.
Next year, will we see Gabriel Bourne\'s words of mouth walking for Burberry?
It is not clear whether this has angered the rubber robber, Com may say.
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