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School for Disable children in India

by:Sofie      2020-08-27
Indian Blind School)
Human is actually very important and invaluable in one's life. Eyes are essentially the most precious within the different organ. Absence of eyes, these people face many difficulties in their whole work. Imagine the life one must live without seeing the good thing about rising sun, deprivedof enjoyment of observing the fantastic blooming flowers and even unable discover the face of his mother. Here one can truly realize Rajasthan proverb The wearer knows hits the mark is shoe pinches. It is well said there can not be any kith and kin of a blind person,they want his intellectual eyes developed otherwise in lack of it you have to be fully dependent for any routine work upon others. No one can provide eyes to the blind but proper training can these self-reliant and self- dependent. Realizing the painful sufferings with the blind this Sansthan (Society) was started, with 2 children on 15th August 1977 in Suncity, Jodhpur. It has many constitution nicely anyone giving help to this society will like exemption from income tax under 80-G.
Aims of your society (Netraheen Vikas Sansthan)
To provide education and training to blind boys and girls, Make arrangements for Rehabilitation and efforts are made to offer the facilities provided along with govt. to these blind young ones.
To establish Braille press, library and cassette library for the blind
To provide the treatment to those, whose eyes are worth for treatment and in addition to provide guidance in seo.
To arrange seminars and workshops using the problems from the blind.
To arrange special surveys on the blind persons and attempt and solve their problems by utilizing Government and also the society.
To establish them in self employment by giving training in cottage industries.
To undertake all those tasks could be related with the development and growth of intellectual eyes in the blind.
Lodging and Boarding
Many facilities provide via the institute for that blind student like, free lodging and boarding includingMorning tea , Breakfast , Lunch
afternoon tea / and also Dinner is served daily to above what 300 persons at an occasion full.Every week special diet is also served. We keep atmost care of each and every student. Quality food and nutritious diet is ensured by management.
Design of college is make through morden and latest kitchen and pantry well equiped with modern facilities like LPG pipe connections for various cooking outlets , floor mill , Refrigerators , water coolers etc. The two main separate Dinning halls for boys & girls having sufficient dinning tables and chairs .
Music is often a way of expressing our feelings so it is a common link between people of varied cultures thereby bringing about a harmony of thoughts. Music can promote a positive approach alive and help level of spiritual worrying. The music subject is compulsory for class 1st to 8th and a good optional subject for class 11th & 12th under which the training is given for all instruments like Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla , Drum , Piano , flute and Congo etc by trained music college.The school is having its own Orchestra party who usally performs on the Republic day,Independence day, official functions like Braille day, VIP/ donor visit to high school and on various other occasions however. Many awards have been received in their outstanding cultural programmes at National and District lvl.
The craft education is compulsory from class 1st to ninth. The education includes of canning of chairs, weaving & spinning of sheets & towels on Handloom machines. The institution arranges Learn and Earn program for that students ,and the students are procured all these activities. Mainly sent to Polytechnic College to attend special craft courses.
For overall physical and mental activity develop into the blind students, So the college provides full facilities for games both indoor and outdoor games like playing Cards, Chess, Cricket , football , Kabaddi and other sports facilities. The students of the school within your almost main games & sports competitions held at District / State/ National and International level. The scholars of this school have created history by wining one Silver a single Bronze medal at PAN Olympic Games held at Spartanburg in USA this year 2001, additional 50 medals have been received by school at various state level competitions. First time tournaments of girls were also organized and our school got 30 medals. In Lucknow from 3rd- 8 Jan.2008, a Cricket test match series was organized under Shakuntala Memory Games Tournament. The institution won a screening test match and man in the match award too. Students (13 boys and 3 girls) got 7gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze in 10th Senior and 5th Junior Paralympics games held at Faridabad.
The school has one big library hall containing more than 5000 Braille books of all types including text books of course material , competitive exams books , fiction/novels , story books , holy books like Ramayana, Geeta , Mahabharata , Quran and Bible etc different various reference books for classes 1st to 12th & school also. School subscribes various fortnightly / monthly / quarterly magazines and Journals useful for blind students and teachers for their updation of current affairs & general knowledge.
National federation of Blind (NFB) & All India Confederation from the Blind (AICB) have also provided furniture and books for the benefit of blind applicants.
Computer Education
School recently established a totally air conditioned Computer Lab with some help from respected NRI donor Mister.Premchand Gadda & his friends from USA having 17 computers equipped with all latest hardware & software useful for blind .Compauters as a subject is compulsory for classes 6th to 12th and options course is taken using the trained instructors. Recently the School has started a 3 month Certificate course in colaboration with Polytechnic College, Jodhpur. 14 students have completed this course during the session 2007-08 .
Blind school Facilities
Separate Hostels for blind Boys & Girls
There is separate hostel facility available for girls and boys. During 1998-99 a hostel building was constructed for girls with co-operation of District Rural Development Agency and Donors. Three Wardens, peons, cooks and cleaners additionally appointed. A skilled dinning hall with all the modern facilities is made available. The students are served energetic break fast, lunch and dinner and its own diet once in 1 week.
School for Blind Boys and girls
School building was designed with the help of economic assistance by the social welfare department which provides education, training as well as hostel facilities to girls. Here we have total 21 trained teachers out of which 9 are blind. All the study materials and training is provided Free of cost to the students.
List of facilities provided to the Blind :-
Teaching through Braille system by the trained teachers
To provide free boarding and lodging facilities.
To provide medical stop by and medical facilities
To provide Radio, Television, Musical instruments, Tape recorder, Playing cards, chess and cricket kit material.
To provide Braille watch, talking books etc.
To provide Braille books library.
To provide water cooler for safe drinking rain water.
To take the students to several cultural and historic places for organized excursions.
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