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School in Puebla Football Club FC Barcelona Camp Nou

by:Sofie      2020-08-27
Named Distinguished Visiting Barcelona club president
The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, was named Friday in city Hall Distinguished Visiting the city of Puebla. In the hands of Mayor Enrique Doger Guerrero, the Catalan director also received a ball and the bottle of talavera making use of logo for the current local authority or council.
Laporta Puebla visit to mark the laying belonging to the cornerstone of sports facilities in your house of Barcelona and the opening of a football school in San Luis de Potosi, may become as well as sports center outside Catalonia after Barca the details reveals another school in Monterrey in February 2004.
During the ceremony, Barcelona president said he felt poblano despite the fact that only to secure a day and noted that the values are transmitting the Spanish club are honesty, responsibility, team spirit and more importantly an absolute will for everyone the Barca , athletes and folks.
He recalled his last visit for this city in 1992, per annum before becoming leader of the club Barcelona, where he was afraid of the culture, people and moments that have read in a local assortment.
Before the conclusion of the speech given to the media reiterated that using the foundation, offers 106 associated with history, looking for project the cultural, artistic, social, humanitarian and solidarity of The capital.
Faced with the possibility of opening a meeting between Mexico and this Catalan city, which is definitely established to better develop this link, and alluded to the presence of Rafael Marquez being an element delivers the Barcelona football presence in the country.
In an interview, Laporta stated that at the moment are planned for two schools for training people and athletes, one in Puebla, and already opened two in Mexico, one out of Monterrey a single in San Luis Potosi.
'Football today is one way to improve society and when it for you to project values through sport is for a lot of children, particularly, are built-into society you receive is the other side to the inherent values of sport: commitment , fighting spirit, responsibility, 'he said.
A delegation from FC Barcelona, led by president Joan Laporta, travels to Mexico to inaugurate the FCB Escola de San Luis de Potosi. Throughout the stay in Aztec lands, the delegation will topic various events Barca institutional and beneficial.
The first public act of issuing the FC Barcelona will take place this Friday in the city of Puebla, from the laying from the cornerstone of an annex to your House of Barcelona sporting facilities, a support center for recreational therapy and children with intellectual disabilities.
FC Barcelona will also testify in the Sports Museum of the house of Barcelona, whose place will be opened a person will acquire name among the club. Just before the inauguration, the mayor of Puebla, Enrique Doger will appoint Joan Laporta as distinguished people in the City of Puebla.
Inauguration belonging to the second FCB Escola de Mexico
The same Friday, in this particular case along with afternoon, open the FCB Escola located within the capital of scotland - San Luis de Potosi. Today, San Luis school, the players receive exact same way values that are offered training in La Masia, has over 400 pupils, aged between 4 and 15 years, and can be found within the complex, high-performance sports major global private equity finance.
The facility is second most important school of FC Barcelona football opens outside Catalonia. It is recalled that the first FCB Escola also found in Mexico and was inaugurated in February 2004 in the town of Monterrey.Get Tickets FC Barcelona at special Prices form official distributor for Tickets for FC Barcelona observe live soccer/Football Action at Camp nou.TicketsCamp Nou
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