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students sing complaint to ms. obama

by:Sofie      2020-04-26
S. Department of Agriculture\'s new school lunch rules aim to keep students healthy, but for many, they also make them hungry.
Students have been complaining on social media about new rules for school lunches.
In this video from CNN affiliate KXJB, three athletes from North Dakota Milnor School
Wyatt Mond, Andrew Martinson and Colin Yago-filed a complaint with first lady Michelle Obama, who supported the new school lunch guide.
Their music video, titled The First Lady I once knew, is a parody of the Gotye hit song.
President Ned Clooten appreciated the intention of the new lunch rules and said there were many very good changes in the school lunch plan.
\"But the number of calories we provide for some high school students is not enough,\" Clooten said . \".
He supports students who make videos.
The athletes want to hear them and bring about changes in the school canteen. Call me crazy . . . .
Like my kids do a lot. . .
But how about athletes having a separate food program as part of a sports budget that parents can pay to offset costs?
This means more lean meat, more whole grain carbs, and less useless calories, which will help increase obesity rates.
This will also inspire the kids to get up and down from the cute chunky cheeks and find extra benefits for getting more active.
I do agree that children with strenuous exercise habits need a large dose of healthy carbs.
But it\'s not soda, it\'s not greasy fries!
Take what our wife Pres said and just add it to meet the needs of our future Olympians.
But they have to work by actively participating in the sport of their choice to keep healthy and lean.
Also, when nervous for AST, SAT or any final exam, give them more brain food, in other words, people with common sense.
But again, I\'m just a mom and a taxpayer.
Has anyone explained to the students that soda can\'t absorb calcium because of sodiumsodium (
Main ingredients of soda drinks)
Is calcium an antagonist?
Does anyone know that fat changes their molecular form and causes cancer during a long period of heating?
Children\'s Diabetes is a disease in the new era. Have you noticed it?
There is no need to see a doctor to get an answer (
You can do it too)
You will find a lot of information.
People don\'t want to be healthy, they just want to be happy and provide medicine for themselves.
If parents don\'t care about their children\'s food (
Easier, no time required)
So the kids are addicted to food and we don\'t need it at all.
Protests just show how deep addiction is.
I think the government needs to spank during this time.
What a child eats should be something between a child and a parent.
When did processed food start to be healthy?
The last time I checked it was not healthy at all.
Some kids actually eat two or three times after school because they go hungry all day.
So some kids did have a big meal after school and then turned around to have another dinner.
Some families are very poor, and sometimes these children get what they eat at school.
For all those who say they need to bring lunch, some schools may not allow the children to bring their bags for lunch.
I know that my high school didn\'t allow me to bring lunch, and I either had to eat at the cafeteria or not at all.
They should be thankful to God that they have enough food and children in some other countries are right to have a meal every day and there is no way.
We must eat less.
They are not used to these parts and you will see the principal.
If you want to look like an athlete, do what the bulging belly principal says.
Really, he wants to sit in front of Kamala with no neck and talk about food.
This really happened. Wow. YOU ARE WRONG! ! ! !
I\'m a high school cross.
Later became a wrest man. . .
I have to carry extra money with me so I can run twice on the lunch line so that I can keep my weight above 160 pounds as well. .
I\'m 6\'1 tall! ! !
I am now 41 years old and in good health and so are all my children. .
The children have to eat a lot and eat very well. . .
Completely away from sugar.
They crave food because they really need it. .
By depriving the children of adequate food and proper nutrition, the children will be forced to treat themselves with sweets and sweets.
This is abuse, simple and clear! Christopher-
Maybe you should check out the facts about Ameica obesity on AMA.
Even better, go to the local shopping center and watch it on a bench.
Looking at the lunch tray for 3 kids in the video, I don\'t think they were abused. I\'m 63-
Ride a fixed bike of 5 miles a day
Walk on the treadmill every morning and evening for 8 minutes and lift weights every other day.
Still, the 5\'10\' 180 is trying to lose 5 lbs around the waist.
I might agree that some kids who are more athletic might need more calories, so let the guide be a little bit a week, but don\'t call it abuse.
Just my thoughts.
Have a good day. Pure blather!
First of all, their tray is full.
When you have a cheeseburger, fries, bread and other stuff hanging on your tray, it\'s hard to end the \"food is not enough\" message.
Second, how much heat?
Students (
Athletes and non-athletes)
More healthy food is needed.
Higher protein gives them the calories they need compared to fat/carbohydrates, and will feel more fully after they eat.
Yes, as others have pointed out, bring their own food or go out and buy lunch if they don\'t like the school food.
They were far from starving to death.
The principal should listen to his wife. Obama.
Remove Soda and fried food.
Then give them extra fruits and vegetables.
Yes, fruits and vegetables will fill them (not)
I want to give you a Knuckles sandals. . . . .
Athletes do need higher calorie intake, but it shouldn\'t be the responsibility of the school.
The idea is to free the children from the high heat that the athletes need.
Athletes are a special group of ordinary people in the school.
They should be responsible for their snacks.
I was an athlete in middle school, high school and college.
I\'m notorious for putting snacks on me or in my locker.
Even a chocolate bar is an energy.
This is my responsibility, not the school (
Since I\'m a vegetarian, they barely feed me like they do now)
Not my parents, not my coach.
I have to make sure I handle it.
These athletes should take responsibility and bring snacks and talk to their parents if they need.
On the other hand, most athletes don\'t eat big meals, they eat small ones all day, and usually have dinner after practice. . .
I am not sure why these children did not meet this standard.
The guy in a blue shirt needs to give most of his calories to the sports kids.
Or maybe he should get his fat ass out for track and field.
The food looks very healthy for healthy children.
Also, when these kids can get more food from their parents, I don\'t want my taxes anymore.
I would say that because of ignoring the nutritional needs of these children, their parents are sent to prison.
If you can\'t keep up with the extra requirements, don\'t put them in track and field.
Don\'t breed EM if you can\'t feed EM.
Is it just me who thinks it\'s a neat story because the three teenagers decided to express their dislike of something by writing a parody song instead of doing something destructive?
Yes, you are the special thing about wasting time imitating a song that doesn\'t even apply to this situation.
These boys should be thankful for Michelle Obama\'s enough concern for young Americans who have gone from obese children to obese adults and filled themselves with the wrong food! !
I bet the three musicians are making a hidden statement about re-creation
Election of President Obama
They may be Republicans, not mature enough to choose the topic.
If they don\'t have enough food, let them feed their faces with the high-calorie food on which they live.
When I grow up, I want common sense like you. . . . ya know. . .
The reason for believing in the video is that young Republican boys are trying to express their distaste for President Obama\'s re-election. Wooooweee. . . .
A video was released two days before the election. . . .
They must be readers of all those who vote to know the results of the election. Commonsense. . . . not!
What\'s wrong with you guys?
Can\'t you see that not all children are the same?
If so, why feed them the same food?
They obviously don\'t want to bring food from home every day because it\'s inconvenient for you and it makes more sense for smaller schools to eat at your school (
Short lunch break, no open campus, the school needs the money and support of the students)
Some of you in the city may not understand this (
Not all, but some of you are stubborn. . .
Joe cough *).
You guys have to realize that some kids need more food for lunch and want to contribute to the school by buying their lunch plan, not only to help them as I said, but also because it is more convenient for some people.
Look, I\'m a person who likes to deal with people. .
That\'s what I did!
So, if I were Michelle, I would pay more attention to the mandatory PhD. Ed. (gym)course.
This will make sure the students get exercise and I will bring back the bigger, healthier part as well.
To be honest, you know people. . .
When it\'s all said and done again, it\'s just a way for the president and his wife to try and reduce the debt of our country. . (
Increase the price of food, reduce the quality of food, and let schools provide cheap processed food)
They are turning this new system into a bank and I think that\'s what many of you don\'t see!
As for these kids, they just want to show their talent and show that the country wants healthier and more food. . .
Everything they do is good!
Can\'t you see it? ! ? ! ? !
Exercise and healthy diet> eat a small amount of processed food. Middle and High School remember very well (
Because it\'s not that far in the past)
I want to make an important point that a lot of people are missing.
Most kids don\'t have a big breakfast, which is probably the reason why they feel so hungry when they have lunch! ! ! !
The school starts early and if you take the bus, you sometimes have to get up before the sun rises! ! !
Too bad, the last thing you want to do is wake up early for dinner.
Also, I was never hungry when I woke up so early, my stomach just wasn\'t ready for food.
So if I\'m lucky I\'ll run out of the house with a banana or half a bowl of grain.
Not because my dad doesn\'t care. he does.
He gets up every morning and always wants me to eat.
But I refused, especially as I grew older, and I became more independent. . .
Yes, I am a child like all teenagers.
Imagine if my dad was too busy or didn\'t care, then I didn\'t eat anything.
I remember before about 9 or 10 I sometimes felt hungry and even fainted, and then it was a few hours before lunch! ! !
It is important that we also consider the fact that many of these children get up at 5 or 6 in the morning and eat almost nothing, that\'s why they may feel like they need more food for lunch.
OK, I saw some wrong places here.
Let\'s take the angle of something. 11.
9% poverty rate (
White people and all ethnic minorities)where they are. . .
I doubt the three students very much.
Athletes need more food. 78.
Graduated from more than 7% people in this town (
National average above)
So I hope their education taught them to pack lunch.
The unemployment rate there is 2.
5% so I think that means they also have jobs. . .
Buy a sandwich for your child and bring it to school. . .
Did I miss something?
I found the perspective of an active sports teenager very interesting and interesting.
Of course, you and I may not need \"extra calories\" and can get what we want through these new regulations, but I am sure they point out that what they are doing is, \"come on and hit 60 \". . .
How to refuel without fuel? (
This is taken from Livestrong.
Com website: special people need insufficient calories per day)
: \"Young athletes are a special group in terms of calorie demand.
A teenager needs not only more calories to drive her sports training, but also her growth.
According to TeensHealth, teens may need between 2,000 and 5,000 calories a day to meet her energy needs.
\"I believe these children make sense! ! ! !
No, Joe. you\'re wrong.
At my school, you can\'t have a few seconds on these things, just more canned syrup fruit.
Everything is not healthy except for the main course!
So, in fact, the new rules don\'t make children healthy!
Apart from the obese kids, if they are still hungry, they will eat junk food after school and the policy will not stop, so if you are looking for a healthier child, what we really need to do is because the food is processed! ! ! !
So what they\'re saying is, \"you should take a break today \".
As long as McDonald\'s is opened in school, the problem will be solved.
The school district will make money and the students will be happy.
In any case, they did not eat there on their way home.
The mother also needs a break.
Why eat when you can go to McDonald\'s.
The country pays less food for fast food restaurants than for those dishes.
Look at how fat our country is if people think the portion size needs to be more than what is shown in this video.
Some of you say this lunch plan will lead to malnutrition in our children?
Are you crazy? Take that plate to the pantry and see how excited those mothers can be to give their children such meals. Agree!
We are used to treating the 4 portions as one, and when we get the normal portion, we feel it\'s not enough.
Athletes do need more calories, but the White Houseor Michelle)
I didn\'t tell them it was your only meal of the day.
First of all, if you want people to support your career, don\'t show the day when your lunch is a chicken sandwich, potatoes, green beans, salads and fresh fruit.
Second, your spokesperson should be healthy-the principal himself can lose some pounds.
Third, your \"extra fee\" should not be obese-look at some other students.
Last but not least, in your song, if you say your mom packed a better lunch-let her do it.
Seriously, I think they only want 15 minutes of fame. . . .
Your mom never loved you, did she?
This is a parody of Internet cafes going to other places.
Yes, take it to my mother\'s level. . .
In World War II, she would love to eat such food to feed her children (
The orphanage she runs).
I think you drank on your hat for a while to a while.
The food at the school is terrible and unhealthy!
Don\'t be so ignorant about this unless you\'re at school!
Oh, part is bad, so get your information right.
I am also a student, so you can learn about your mother\'s behavior and the facts of this new policy.
Take a look at your comments on this issue. . .
I believe it\'s you, Joe, who\'s after 15 minutes of fame (
For you, I mean post your rant on multiple media and talk about various topics, which I think you might not know too well. )
Rather than criticizing these teenagers and those extra people involved, give them props that clearly do what they intend to do. . .
Let all of us talk about it and maybe look into the policy in a bit more depth.
Find me and I will praise them for letting us talk about it!
So give a thumbs up to you and the video.
Also, I\'m sorry if I\'m seen as a hatter, but in a way, I am. . .
Because I hate kids having to inject insulin or suffer later because of what they can learn now, rather than having to change as an adult.
I also think I have facts. . .
So please correct me if I am wrong, but the school has the option to give to students who need extra heat seconds
For high school students, the calorie content of fat milk, fruits and vegetables is between 750 and 850 calories.
No, Joe. you\'re wrong.
At my school, you can\'t have a few seconds on these things, just more canned syrup fruit.
Everything is not healthy except for the main course!
So, in fact, the new rules don\'t make children healthy!
Apart from the obese kids, if they are still hungry, they will eat junk food after school and the policy will not stop, so if you are looking for a healthier child, what we really need to do is because the food is processed! ! ! !
As we all know, lunch at public schools is terrible.
As a public health educator, I assure you that it is possible to make a healthy lunch in 10 minutes.
Sometimes a healthy diet requires some planning and preparation.
I can\'t understand how parents rely on school to support their children.
Make your own lunch and we don\'t even get lunch where I go to school.
Son Nathan, is my son in trouble?
Many families support their children by school.
You may not be able to see this because it sounds like you \'ve never been a part of a school that provides food.
I read that you think you can make a meal from scratch in 10 minutes that doesn\'t involve processed food! !
Oh dear, obviously you haven\'t had 5 children before!
Hopefully you will get some help, Nathan, which will be available soon. . -
BettyI has graduated from Milnor and food on the board. . . .
You chose it.
There are no other main courses to choose from.
You got it.
Proud of you! Entree choice? ?
If the kids really look forward to the choice of the main course since I went to school, things for men have changed.
You get a monthly service schedule and choose whether to have a school lunch or bring your own lunch depending on the day\'s food is clearly fried cardboard.
Some are not bad. Some was . . .
Mine, but some are really bad.
My bus will come at six o\'clock A. M.
First stop, yaaaay)
So my family won\'t get up and make me lunch, so if I don\'t like what\'s on the menu, I make myself a sandwich.
It\'s really not hard. Entree choice. Please. Several points. .
First of all, don\'t blame the school. . .
They just follow the lunch rules and the boy in this video understands (
If you listen to the lyrics).
Also, bringing food to school is not an option for many children, so don\'t mention it any more. .
Some families cannot offer this option every day for various reasons, and they want to eat granola bars and sandwiches every day.
If you think you can bring different foods to keep warm, then you are wrong! Most schools (Everything I know)
Do not let students heat their food in a microwave.
My last point is that with the implementation of the new lunch program, the 4\'70lb 1st flat machine gets the same amount of food as the 6\'5\' 20 lb high grade flat Machine.
Complete BS! ! ! (
It\'s not the school to blame)
The school can\'t even offer extra pb sandwiches. . .
Oh, but if you want to get a few seconds in this lunch program, they can sell extra food. . .
Is this not in line with the purpose of a \"healthy diet? ? Yah. .
If you spend ten minutes starting from scratch instead of buying lunch, it\'s much cheaper to take your own lunch to schoolmade garbage.
How can a person go to school without lunch?
I \'ve never bought lunch at school in my life, so it\'s ridiculous to say that some people can\'t take lunch to school.
As an 8 year old, I made my own lunch.
How do you think it\'s cheaper to bring your own lunch? ?
I paid $2 for the children\'s lunch. 75. . .
Has risen. 25 cents.
Nathan, now I don\'t know who licked the red on your lollipop, but if you are going to make your own lunch from scratch, it will cost more than 2.
75 it is very likely that you did not make a meal in 10 minutes.
It\'s troublesome to bring your own lunch! !
What are you packing for lunch! ! ? ? Please share!
Remember, you can\'t heat anything.
Having said that, many families will choose to attend the school lunch program.
But the problem is (
Thanks for the new food regulations)
The price of lunch has risen, the portions of the food have become smaller, and many children go home hungry.
There are a lot of families that can\'t afford it, Nathan. )
Provide an extra lunch or 2 for their children. )
Let Tommy and Suzy go home and get all the food in the fridge.
I am from this school.
We should eat one or two things in the hot dining area and then fruit or vegetables in the salad bar.
You don\'t have the choice of free will Bread or peanut butter. No, asking now.
It\'s a big deal, and everyone at milno\'s public school is fully supportive of Wyatt, Andrew and poncho.
They are the three great athletes, the necessities of the football team, the basketball team and the track and field team.
The boys are telling the truth.
I think their approach to trying to change school lunches is very immature.
It seems to me that the boys seem to be trying to get on the news and actually don\'t care about changing the school lunch.
If you can afford a school lunch, you can afford to bring your own lunch: the end of the story.
The immaturity of the whole is obvious.
I don\'t think John is happy to see kids all over the country wanting to change.
So John decided to go online. . . . pathetic.
John found three immature boys who wanted to become famous overnight and they didn\'t look like they needed to eat anymore. Dear First Lady, thank you very much for your concern at least about the health of American children.
Children you don\'t even know about, but as you can see from some of the comments here, their own parents don\'t even care about the health of their children.
You know how some American minds work, kids don\'t even eat at all in some countries, and it\'s really sad that parents here complain that the school menu is healthy.
If you don\'t like the school food to bring your own lunch, no one forces them to eat it.
The discussion ended. News flash. . . .
The food is not even healthy!
Of course, they also added some vegetables and canned fruits (
Not even healthy).
The most important thing is that the main course is important, that is, garbage.
The main course at my son\'s school is not hardshell!
And cornflakes!
Don\'t sit here and tell me she\'s doing a healthier America because it\'s a crazy talk!
Canned foods may be healthier than \"fresh\" foods, as they are usually canned immediately, and your products are sometimes put on shelves for a few weeks.
Is canned fruit healthy?
Its sugary syrup is not even good for you. . . .
Before you walk around like an ignorant fool, figure out your facts.
Dear Mark, I am the parent of a student in the video.
I just want to say that I am proud of these boys.
They are very active in sports, eat healthy, and do honor rolls. they are very encouraging young people.
You will like them if you know them.
They made a video and came up with a point, even though they were all for \"healthy choices\" on the diet, and for such active teenagers, the parts were not close enough, never considered healthy (
How about all processed chicken products such as chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches and meat strips, or hot dogs with salad bars or something called crisppitos).
It\'s a one-size-fits-all policy and it just doesn\'t work.
As they said in the video, \"they are all for fruits and vegetables,\" but 2 ounces of protein and half-pint of milk are not enough to maintain.
They do bring \"extra\" food to the school when needed, like health bars, bananas, anything that helps them get through the storm.
The parents of these boys and more people do care about their children! ! ! !
I can say that for many days these boys do bring their own lunch from home.
We are from North Dakota, where we take care of ourselves and take pride in the family and suggest that the difference is only temporary and you may not have grown up in the Midwest and you will not question that.
If you want to know what these kids are doing, they are also part of \"ND Jumpstreet\", please check them out on your Metro! .
Maybe you will see for yourself what these boys are made of, maybe, just maybe, they will inspire you too!
Again, I am a parent who is proud and caring for others, Mark, I just want your parents to feel the same way about you.
Best wishes to you, and Poncho\'s mom would also like to respond to Mark, who works in the same school as the boys who made the video.
All they said was true.
They don\'t complain and beg for food, and before they write a great song about food, they take the time to check the facts and determine the policy.
Chicken nuggets are not healthy and the food is now served in small quantities.
I will say that it is not 185 meals a year that make our children fat, but what they get at home and the lifestyle their families choose.
I think the policy should be education rather than authorization.
We are not living in a one-size-fits-all world, and there is no room for maneuver in the way this policy is implemented.
The boys were also very athletic, and before that I saw the ND Jumpstreet project where they went around with their rope skipping team to raise money, buy the rope skipping, and then give the kids rope skipping, keep them active.
They did a demonstration at school and distributed the rope out.
Now, if the children want to encourage them, whether they choose to use them or not depends on them and their parents.
They were educated and not authorized.
They are smart, talented, elegant young people who use humor and irony to convey the message and I am proud to say that I know them. A parent-
You sound reasonable and seem to be a wise loving parent.
This is the problem I saw.
I doubt it is possible to provide a lunch menu that everyone agrees.
If your son needs more protein
The school can offer prepackaged yogurt or boiled eggs.
Obviously this may require an extra fee because I think the cost of lunch is based on a specific partition size.
Thanks to some of the initiative shown by all 3 people.
I don\'t understand all the hostile rhetoric, and I certainly don\'t believe it\'s a political statement.
I\'m a Libtard.
Congratulate you on raising a good child and thank you for your comments.
Have a good day.
Mark said well.
They should thank them for having a first lady who really cares about their health.
They put down their throat. . . .
What will they do?
Complaining and complaining is like a bunch of immature kids who don\'t see the forest as if you might be complaining and complaining about yourself.
The menu of the school should be based on local culture and taste.
This does not mean a lack of health guidelines and requirements.
Because in order to get the most profit, you always make the supplier cheap.
And, since when is the tax base that supports athlete calorie needs a requirement?
If you want this option;
Hello, assistants. we hope our athletes will have this choice.
Don\'t complain. think about it.
If you want extra calories for athletes, you can buy MREs online.
All you need is proper storage.
All entrepreneurs here can: develop, copy or repackage a MRE meal for all athletes. Agree!
This is the first grade teacher. . .
Our lunch is the same as high school. HUMMM. . .
You may want to take a look at the packaging.
Our food was taken to elementary school and heated in Vegas.
Have you tried eating a burger from a container with so many condensate on top of the plastic that your bread is wet? (
It\'s not wet, it\'s wet. )
I know why my students are hungry.
Good luck in the new diet-doing good things sometimes does more harm than good-hey, you guys who hate it!
You must be kidding me. . .
\"Fat\", \"rat\", \"pig\", \"Loser \"?
Who are you dubbing them?
Is your brain so small?
You think these students hate it. Obama? NO!
They just imitated a hit song on a new lunch show they didn\'t like!
Do you know?
There are good reasons to feel uneasy about these lunch plans.
First of all, there are children at low
Income families across the United StatesS.
He only eats one meal a day. the meal was eaten at school. the meal has been minimized.
Secondly, this food is not healthy!
It\'s just a smaller number.
The food should be healthy and in large portions.
My last point is that obese children across the United States are lazy.
It looks like these North Dakota are some of the hard-working calorie flickers. . .
Pave the way ND!
For obese people: get off the bus and \"Play 60\" with Michelle Obama \"! !
In any case, I believe these smaller foods will make the obese people eat more at home. . . Get it Steve! !
Oh, plus my roar. . .
Most of you haters don\'t even know the school lunch guide!
If you think that packing, producing garbage will help America get healthy again, think about it!
Sports and away from junk food are its advantages. . .
Following these two steps, children should be able to have a balanced meal at school.
Hell, I know a lot of students who want to get fat.
Whether it\'s for exercise, health or whatever)! !
Therefore, the obesity problem in the United States that you are worried about should be considered from this perspective. BOOM.
Go out and exercise and eat all the meat and potatoes you want!
The food is healthier.
Americans are overweight.
It doesn\'t matter, people have the right to pursue their sins, but taxpayers don\'t have to subsidize their sins.
In the future, you may try to learn these things called facts.
I know, I know, the world of truth, right?
What is the truth.
Kids, that\'s what they teach at school, and the fact has to be fair before someone complains about \"you made us lose our fantasies.
These children are not an American problem.
I\'m glad they want to be active citizens.
The problem is that 0. 2 billion adults argue about them on the side line.
They are children. we are adults.
Remember which of us creates and executes the rules. Pablo;
Parents should be responsible for the child\'s diet, not Obama MS.
If she reduces her family\'s calories, it\'s her own decision because she and her children are definitely thinner on TV than healthy children.
It is harmful to force growing athletes to eat hungry food.
The current new guidelines do not provide adequate nutrition.
I am 52 years old and I have a good running ability.
I need to drink at least a quart of whole milk to supply enough potassium and calcium to prevent severe cramps, irregular heartbeat and bone loss.
I also have to increase my protein intake by 12 ounces to prevent heart damage caused by heavy muscle loss.
Despite these growth, I am still in 3-4 months.
Middle school athletes don\'t just keep their bones and muscles like I do, they actually sometimes grow to 6 inch in a few months.
In order to create brand new bones and muscles, their intake must be much higher than my current intake.
Failure to do so may result in brittle bones and organ failure.
Limit milk to 1 cup and protein to 1 ounce, which is 1/3 of hunger for middle school students.
When children have long-term health problems due to the fashionable diet MS by Obama, we all pay for it.
My 16-year-old son is a junior high school student.
We fought for the rest of our lives to put pressure on him.
He has lost 5 pounds since the beginning of the school year, and now weighs only 110 pounds and 7 inch.
He brought extra food to the school to supplement the school lunch, but he said the new menu tasted like a \"warm hippo ass\" and was not attractive at all.
I realize there are obesity problems in this country, but there are more children without weight problems than there are children without weight problems.
Why should children all over the country be on a diet to help ethnic minorities?
My son\'s suggestion is that there are two options for lunch, one is traditional and the other is low-fat/low-calorie.
Of course, no one will put obese children in place because it will be \"despicable\" and hurt their self-esteem.
\"There are more children without weight problems than those without weight problems.
\"May want to check your facts there.
Maybe you should go to the local mall to see all the children who are under weight.
Here is the president\'s lunch menu for children: snacks: waffles, fennel and parmesan grilled chicken meatloaf sandwich grilled vegetables and hummus wrapped in steamed fresh brocklesigrabraway hot breakfast center breakfast sandwich lunch chocolate spaghetti salad chicken tender as her child when to eat on the lunch menu, she could put her finger in. . .
What if I recall the kids eating chicken scones sandwich chicken scones?
Try a chicken product based on \"Pink stickiness\" to process, suppress, form and heat on bread.
You know, like McNuggets (
In the process of processing, pressing and molding, when heated to a certain temperature, a pink sticky substance in the color of the chicken is presented). . . . NICE! ! ! !
This is a stupid point.
You can give your child what you want.
Your child\'s lunch is the main course for breakfast-
I am confused whether we are talking about lunch or breakfast.
By the way, what is the breakfast main course?
I work in the school system.
Due to these changes, children are now being asked to eat vegetables and food waste is terrible.
In fact, very few children eat what is given to them.
When there are hungry people in our community brewing a lot of hostility here, I am sad to see how much food is thrown away.
I just want to say, this is America.
Let the students talk and all of you who like the suit can beat it.
The fat cats in Washington have been in my pocket for a long time now is the time for someone to stand up.
The government has played a big role in deciding which children can and cannot eat.
Limit food when we have the ability to provide unethical food, and I am proud to say good for the positions of these people!
It seems immoral to restrict your food.
Are you kidding?
Are you serious?
You sound like one of the doctors stupid parents.
Phil tried to defend your 260-pound 10-year-old with 3 pizzas, 2 burgers, big fries and milkshakes for lunch.
But hey, it\'s none of our business.
Visit the Middle East I come from and you will be happy to get a cookie in your food.
Spoil the rich boy!
This is the US, not the third garbage dump.
Our lives are like civilized people. besides killing others, we have ambitions.
So throw away your spoiled garbage.
Whether you like it or leave, it\'s a free world.
Well, it\'s not showing the best side of America!
You may think there is some value in what he says, rather than making insulting and demeaning comments.
According to your comments, it may be difficult for you to convince anyone that you belong to a civilized country. Totally agreed.
People/children need to overcome themselves.
Bring your own food if you don\'t like it!
Give it to me
God, when is it over?
A group of grumbling babiesahh save it!
Like the music video says. . .
Go somewhere else, troll, you idiot.
These people are very suitable for student athletes.
They need calories in their specific exercise.
I am also an athlete myself and I am actively training and these lunches are not finished with work.
It\'s hard to show up when you don\'t get enough calories a day.
It\'s good for these people to make videos trying to make changes.
I bet the haters outside don\'t eat this food every day!
They will complain!
Shout out and let them know you\'re a coward and a fool.
You need to forget yourself, friend.
They want more money for you jiggaboo.
They can go home all the way \"Jimmy\" because they are the ones who pay for your animals.
When their holiday is full, it is over. . . babe.
We simply don\'t want the life expectancy of our children to drop to 140 years, just as the Yemeni live to be 63 years old.
This forced fashion diet leads to malnutrition in our normal weight and under-weight children, which will bring us down to the same level as where the Middle East is not able to feed its own children normally.
This is actually a spoiled rich woman who has imposed her New Age concept of nutrition on schoolchildren, so leave it alone.
Yes, from the look of the tray, they will be malnourished and malnourished.
It looks like another radical job for the Republican Party.
I\'m a high school cheerleader and I absolutely have no problem with their service, but the portions are ridiculous!
You have some people who go out to exercise and they burn a lot of calories and their body will never be replaced by those calories because they don\'t eat enough.
It\'s useless, because no matter what, students just go home and eat a lot of junk food!
The state is not responsible for what children eat at home, but they are responsible for what they eat at school.
Look at the difference.
These students are guilty of giving. . . . . wait for it. . . . .
\"Your own opinion! \" (gasp)
It is a great pity that there are so many people here who are so incompetent that they can\'t even figure out how to eat without government approval.
If you disagree with the government or people who need someone to tell them how to live. . . . . .
They will call the names of high school students! Let\'s see. . .
A clever work that takes some time, effort and thought to make an argument
Name of high school student
Since the government always knows best, maybe we should consult all the governments that know how to balance the budget, run the postal system, and do banking. e.
Sally May/Freddie Mac, also keep the stability of health insurance and Social Security? Oh wait. . . . . . . . . !
I can\'t believe the comment this thing got.
It\'s ironic to know these people in person!
They don\'t complain every day about Michelle Obama or anything else.
Yes, like most students, they complain about food.
They are making fun of the policy.
Relax and enjoy a humorous video.
One person here has always said that his taxes were paid for lunch at these schools. . . . . may I ask how?
My child bought lunch and cost me £ 45.
Pay for school breakfast and lunch every two weeks. . . . .
Is it true that your tax money is going into this?
She\'s in elementary school and I don\'t want to see my high school Bill and I know it\'s more important.
Some people here just surprised me with idiot words.
I agree that children are overweight and they need more exercise. . . .
So maybe Obama needs to start bringing sports back to school.
Maybe we shouldn\'t have so much homework that the children can\'t go out to play in the afternoon.
Maybe they should take their nose off my business! ! !
I agree with you very much.
It is true that they offer discounts or free lunches to students, and their parents\' income indicates that they can\'t afford it, but people need to stop complaining that their taxes will flow into everything.
If they really feel that way, then they need to do their homework on this system, see how it works, and see if their taxes really go into the system they complain about.
I totally agree with you about PE classes and less homework.
I remember when I was at school we still had PE classes, but even in 2007 they tried to make PE a second health class instead of a real PE class.
Plus the number of homework these days, even the number I have increased since I graduated in 2007, is crazy.
I see kids spend at least 1 hour doing their homework every night, if not 2 hours.
It\'s like when they go home for dinner and do their homework, they have to go to bed.
No wonder today\'s young people are getting fat and we have them sitting on their ass all day and his taxes do pay for the kids lunch.
If you forget that the school gets most of the money from the government to buy food, the government in turn gets most of the money from taxes.
You may buy lunch for your child yourself, but our taxpayer\'s money is to buy food to get those lunches to agree with you and we should bring physical education back --
I don\'t object to 3 people paying attention to what they think is a school lunch issue, but, perhaps finding a solution to this issue would be a more productive solution rather than a response that everyone has made so radical.
I want to know that someone thinks Michelle Obama is trying to hurt anyone.
We don\'t want to target Michelle alone.
We are trying to change the new school lunch rules.
We are not fat either.
In addition, carbohydrates that limit calorie intake and try to limit school lunches do not stop a fat child who likes to eat from going home and out of school.
School lunches will not stop obesity if children need more exercise.
\"Students need more calories,\" said the overweight school principal . \".
If they want more food, they can bring it from home.
I am more concerned about the taxes I pay to make the kids fat and the taxes I pay for their future health issues.
It looks like you\'re the only one who cares about your taxes.
The rest of us voted to elect a president who is concerned about the obese population and its health.
Someone has to check someone who is overweight if they don\'t want.
Tyler, we don\'t want to hear the parasitic puppets talking and go to Internet cafes elsewhere.
You will pay more for malnutrition health problems caused by normal or underweight children that could have been prevented by giving them a normal diet.
On the contrary, it would be better to have overweight children participate in exercise programs.
Democrats defend and Republicans condemn the first lady.
Just curious what\'s wrong here?
Technically, the lunch program is welfare, and students and Republicans are upset that they don\'t get enough food?
The world we live in is strange. Wrong, Bill.
Most parents pay for a hot lunch.
Only the poor can get a free lunch. wrong. . .
You must be eligible for the free lunch program.
This is all the food.
Those who complain are those who don\'t want government dictatorship.
Yes, I agree with the kids, but can\'t they bring their own lunch for the same reason?
Oh and also, I was told that if these kids bring a bag of lunch they are not allowed to sit at the table with other students. . .
Obama\'s policy was introduced again.
Will you support this?
That is apartheid.
Don\'t be dumbfounded, in fact, at most schools in my area, they will put you in the gym if you bring your own lunch.
It\'s ridiculous that they go to the cafeteria first. they can sit with the people they want.
They also often finish eating first and haven\'t waited for lunch, so at HS they may leave first.
It\'s ridiculous that no one deliberately separates them (
Definitely not the Obama policy \").
Yes, it\'s a stupid response. . . .
Children should eat as long as they bring something they want to eat. . . .
Some schools are checking the lunch brought from home and dropping it & billing the parents after forcing the child to eat the school lunch.
There are already news reports about this.
As a retired teacher, I can explain why it is a very practical reason to bring the children packed home for lunch to sit in different parts of the cafeteria.
This is actually the system they built around the world! !
This is purely logistical for supervised servers.
If you have a child scattered in a vast area, then a lot of time is wasted on the whole surface looking for a hot lunch child.
Kids who take home packed lunches don\'t need much supervision because they already have everything they need in their lunch boxes and are their ownsufficient.
So, forget your theory about apartheid and the rest are pure and simple common sense of time efficiency! ! !
First of all, these children are not \"mice\" in this case \".
Michelle Obama has absolutely no right to interfere with school lunches.
I graduated from the same primary school as these children. I can tell you all that any one of them is by no means fat;
In fact, they are all healthy athletes and need a lot of energy, I know they did have a very good and healthy breakfast, but it won\'t let anyone through the day.
Feed the kids a slice of lettuce, an apple and some other packaged stuff, and God knows what won\'t get them through the rest of the day, especially when they\'re involved in sports.
Feeding less kids doesn\'t make America thin again, it\'s important to teach kids to play less video games and exercise.
I\'m glad I graduated before this policy came out. 1.
The school lunch is funded by tax.
So the content of these lunches is a matter of public policy. 2.
The children are getting fat. 3.
No, you can\'t just let them exercise.
The study ultimately shows that reducing excessive calorie intake and burning more calories are an essential part of losing weight and maintaining it. 4.
Still, yes, we need to get the kids to exercise more. And finally. . . 5.
If they don\'t like the school lunch, they can do what I do at school. . .
Bring your own lunch.
So you tell me that I have to pay the school lunch bill every month, and!
Pay for food separately?
As a parent, I never worry that my child is going home hungry and that happens every day now.
I \'ve spent twice as much money in the last few months because my kids are hungry to go home, no, they\'re not fat, they\'re athletes, a kid needs to wait for a break, because he didn\'t lose weight, he wouldn\'t be part of the team.
The job of parents is to teach children to play video games less and become more active.
It is the government\'s job to provide food to our children in public schools.
It must be a slow news day in the West.
How dare they criticize Michelle Obama for the stinking rats! ! !
What\'s your name?
Obama and Democrats are cheats and stole your money.
Don\'t you understand? ? LindaLinda. . . SHHHHH. HEY!
They also have oppions!
Just because they\'re in high school means they don\'t have oppinions, they have the freedom to speak, and I actually agree with them.
In fact, if they are minors, their freedom of speech is not absolute at school.
The authorities did not limit the incident in any way, so their First Amendment rights were not restricted.
And agree with them. . .
Have you ever thought they could bring their own high carb food?
How about a few high packs-
The carbs in the backpack, etc.
There is nothing in society that guarantees them the right to unhealthy food provided by the school.
She wants you to go to another school and maybe you can get some extra help in spelling class in addition to learning the right diet.
How dare she force normal and underweight children to enjoy the hunger policy!
That\'s why I packed lunch for the kids most of the time.
I am responsible for feeding my children and knowing that what they eat is healthy.
I\'m sure most of these complaining children didn\'t have a healthy breakfast before school.
Every working day I feed the kids oatmeal, toast, eggs and/or fruit and if I don\'t, they only eat cereal or waffles or they go home hungry from school
If you are on the road between them and the fridge, you risk your life.
This is nonsense.
Parents begin to care about your child and no longer expect the school to undertake such tasks.
I happen to know these children and their parents.
I know they eat well at home, whether it\'s breakfast in the morning or dinner after school.
They are excellent students.
Athletes at work
There is no objection to the fact that school lunches should be healthy.
What they are unhappy about is how much they get.
It can be very frustrating when they get used to the larger portions and suddenly the meal is reduced by half.
I am a teacher at a big school and I also saw this problem at lunch at our school.
One day the kids will get a spoonful of potatoes and a chicken half thigh size (
Not even exaggerated).
They can also eat fruits and vegetables, but the food is not enough for the children to eat.
It\'s easy to say \"bring lunch\" every day, but how many sandwiches can a child eat?
They can\'t bring the leftovers in and heat them up in a microwave.
They have a reasonable complaint and I think they have shown this to the public humorously.
The kids are great students and great young people, and I applaud them for trying to stick to what they believe.
Why always blame others?
Like these students are hungry after lunch, they have to blame Michelle Obama? Get real! !
Athletes should have a big healthy breakfast at noon, a big protein-rich meal, and bring it with them if they need more.
My experience is that children are too lazy to pack their own food and carry it with them!
So stop complaining about others.
It\'s not the school\'s fault, it\'s not the lady\'s fault. Obama\'s.
This is yours and yours!
Be responsible for yourself, don\'t write a song, but pack food with this energy!
The food they serve is not a high protein lunch option.
Also, how do you decide if these kids have breakfast or not.
They all fit well in appearance, and the shape is good.
It turns out that athletes need more food.
Breakfast can only last a child for so long until they are hungry.
Are you the \"F\" pillow? Ewwww!
If you look at the video description on YouTube, you will find that they don\'t blame her. First off. . . .
The children have every right to laugh at the first lady.
She needs to be free from what should be left to her parents.
About the child being forced to throw away a bag of lunch. . . .
If this happens to my child, the principal will wear the scak lunch on his head.
That\'s why home education sounds better and better. Thank you. I can\'t see what the school put on its own menu is a parent problem.
You know, no one says parents are not allowed to bring extra food to their children.
The right of the parents is not denied;
They have the same rights and choices as before.
All these policies say the school is not forced to provide food that caters to the fattest children of the school (
This means that extra food is available to all students)
Instead, the school provides meals for the healthiest children in the school (
This means that any child who wants to be unhealthy can pay for it himself).
If you want to \"leave it to the parents\", let the parents pack the lunch for the children!
Don\'t rely on the \"country\" to feed your children at lunch.
If you don\'t like the service provided by the school cafeteria, take them to school responsibly for a better lunch!
Larry caught the reality.
If parents prepare lunch menus at school, they can\'t decide.
Besides teaching nutrition, there seems to be a few lessons in reasoning skills.
Everyone brings their own lunch in the Netherlands. Well duhhh.
You need to bring more food. . .
You\'re 24. 7. . .
Have you been to the Netherlands?
How do you know?
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is much bigger than marijuana and drugs.
The American school lunch program was created to prevent malnutrition in children who lack food at home.
This is definitely a distortion of its purpose.
The new policy is now causing malnutrition to children in contact at home, so guess what it does to children who need help most.
My second daughter is now in public high school.
She complained about their food, but more about the taste than the portion size, and she complained long before the new food guide came out.
My answer to her was what I would say to the other kids-bring your own lunch.
Children who take part in sports feel they need more-bring their own lunch.
Hey, it might also be a good idea to have breakfast and give yourself 10 more minutes in the morning so you\'ll be more alert and not \"hungry\" for lunch time \". Quit whining!
I totally agree with you, Sharon.
If people have problems with school lunches, they should pack them themselves.
Michelle Obama is just trying to make healthier choices for schools, and I don\'t think that\'s a bad thing at all.
When I was in high school, the healthiest thing they ate was salad. .
If children are obese and continue to be fed garbage at school, they will certainly not get help/stop.
When my son is old enough to go to school, I will be happy about it.
I don\'t want him to eat pizza and chips every day.
Poor fat man needs sugar.
Don\'t complain.
MS Obama makes you stupid to live longer than your fat parents.
Which of those kids is fat?
People who are often active (
Like high school athletes)
More than boring couch potatoes like you need recommended calorie intake.
If you exercise regularly, then you will know that you need more food than people who don\'t.
I know that men in the Army need 4,000 calories a day to stay energetic.
This is not what these children want.
They just want to eat some more meat and vegetables and let them cheer for the practice.
These children are not fat, so it means they are starved to death because others are fat.
Military service personnel receive MRE of the same level of activity as these athletes.
Each MRE meal contains 3,000 calories.
This means that they consume up to 9,000 calories a day to maintain their high level of activity.
These lunches serve up to 9-800 calories
Grade 12, 6-700 calories only
Eighth grade plus 650 calories in kindergarten5th grade.
This is only 250 calories between the ages of 5 and 18, and the body at the age of 18 is at least three times as active.
This will hurt these growing children.
Why starve to death children without weight problems and good health?
Treat obese people and let them exercise.
The kids are big enough to look at the school\'s menu for a week and decide what to eat and pack the lunch for the day if they don\'t like it.
I know it can be difficult for those who accept free or reduced lunches, but they get healthy food, which is the responsibility of the school and it is the student to eat the food provided.
The problem is that limiting calories is not healthy for anyone except for overweight children.
The lunch plan was created for students who admitted they would have problems bringing food to school.
The purpose of the lunch plan was distorted.
Children who do not have food resources at home, have enough food to eat at school, and now they will not have the nutrients they need for mental or physical development.
It will be too late to correct things after their test fails because their brains are not developing due to slow hunger.
Hey guest, hurry up and get some calories.
I\'m afraid there will be brain damage.
I remember growing up in Puerto Rico (
This is a federal union of the United States. S. )
The food in the restaurant is cheap and nutritious.
It usually includes some stewed beans, rice and sardines, mackerel fish, chicken or occasional pork (
What I want to say is that it\'s delicious. .
The vegetable side is usually sliced green beans, corn, peas or carrots, drinks include skim chocolate/original milk or local juice, desserts are mainly fruit or fruit salad, everything is freshly made.
After 90, local politicians (
Also related to embezzlement and corruption scandals)
Brought a menu that\'s basically made up of all Americans. S.
Junk/fast food staples related to child health issues and obesity in the United States.
Like in the US, kids and parents complain about plastic pizza dripping grease, neon lights, etc.
Red hot dogs, like cattle feed, contain chemicals and are expensive and have no effect.
If the menu is good, beware of politicians interfering with the nutrition services of your school district, be sure to believe that someone (or some group)
It\'s like a robber. it\'s like that.
Wow, I hope our school will wake up and offer a menu like this!
You\'re lucky.
In Texas, they provide junk food to their children.
At my kid\'s local high school, the cafeteria is like a commercial food court catering to the worst eating habits.
Not cheap either.
Note that Texas is a big red state because all your political trolls want to turn it intoDem article.
Go back to kiddoSooooo real class.
Texas is the worst buffet food I \'ve ever seen and I live in several states.
The \"nutrition department\" of children in our district is composed of an old group of people who go out. of-
Touch white people who don\'t know about healthy eating if they get hit on their head.
Really sad.
No matter what the White House eats, students should get the same thing.
In any case, you can provide healthier food for the kids, but it has to be something to eat.
Just because it\'s good for you doesn\'t mean it tastes good.
The children will not eat if the taste is not good.
I said we went back and made breakfast and lunch for these kids instead of the prepackaged garbage they are offering now.
As a student of nutrition and food, and the father of a student athlete, I am very sympathetic to the information of these students.
Our eldest son always has school lunch.
This is his choice.
Then he started playing football and playing basketball so that he got information about nutrition and its role in his performance.
Since then, he will not have anything to do with the food in the school canteen.
Those school systems that accept the new federal food guide, initiated by the first lady, now have more nutritious food than before.
But to a large extent, it is still quite pitiful (
I have tried it many times when I am attending lunch on my parents Lunch Day).
The real message for these student athletes is that it does not meet their nutritional requirements, which is also my experience.
The new guidelines are a step in the right direction, but the improvements needed are still greater than what has been achieved.
I hope her feet will be at the door in four more years.
Obama completed her mission.
Let education continue.
We have confidence in Michelle Obama to make the new rules work.
Speak for yourself
I have no confidence in our first lady.
Students need to learn to choose healthy food.
How do they get to know this by providing only healthy food?
How many fat children are there in America? S. A?
Hope to see two fat kids singing and complaining.
Brian, you all let them make choices and make them regret later in their lives, and that\'s exactly the time when they least have the ability to make wise choices that affect their future wise decisions? ? ? ?
You must be one of those fast food/junk food suppliers in order to get into school.
\"How do they get to know this by providing only healthy food? \" Seriously? ?
What advice do you think should be given to children?
The study tried to justify these changes, but found absolutely no connection between school lunch and obesity.
However, the study says school lunches can serve as an opportunity to remove calories from children\'s diets and treat obese children. Charming.
Mrs. Obama is willing to starve my under-weight child to treat an obese child, and he really should go to the doctor anyway.
Mrs. Obama should focus on providing better nutrition for girls who are underweight and unhealthy.
On TV, their arms look too thin, and they\'re definitely worse off personally.
I guess she missed the study to prove that vegetarians have the shortest life span.
Shorter than someone who eats heavy meat.
Omnivores with diverse diets actually live the longest. Most of all;
I don\'t like to see the use of school children, such as testing rodents, in Mrs. Obama\'s untrained social experiments.
These children are not experimental animals. We are too fat.
Ten years later, we don\'t even have enough children to go to kindergarten.
Some healthy eating has no problem, they can eat what they want when they go home, so what harm does this do to the child?
Some students were hurt by not getting enough food. Student-
Athletes need a lot of calories that turn into the energy of the body.
If they can\'t get enough food, their body will rely on the reserve energy fuel stored in fat and muscles.
These athletes are trying to exercise their muscles instead of burning them out.
I think the point of this article is not to provide students with \"bad\" food, but to let them choose the amount of calories they consume.
Most people who have a great influence on the army will not serve in any case.
1% of the others complained that less than 99% were serving.
I hope you are not one of them and do not want to suggest you are.
You\'re right, though. it\'s influential.
I see it every day in the Army.
Things have changed a lot in 20 years.
After all, we are a reflection of the pool where we recruit recruits.
There are other factors at work, however.
The modern Army is a force that will hold meetings and deal with red tape.
We are overwhelmed by a lot of policy and paperwork and have little time and money to do practical things.
We spend more time worrying about how things look and list, and about the loss of intentions.
The modern Army can send an armed drone, driven by a computer navigator, to hit a key military command location through surgery, which has been tracked by satellites today, which will allow a company
As you said, on a good day, when military action is \"physical\", half of the soldiers and countless collateral injury casualties achieve the same mission goal.
The army changed because they had to change and the lesson was learned after the German mechanized blitz forces left a path of tearing, dying, horses
During World War II, the protesters behind it drew the howitzers.
We are not the offspring of the strongest caveman, but the caveman with the fastest and sharpest arrows.
Whether we join the army or not, the army is important to all of us.
I will be pregnant if I am not pregnant at the age of 18 and I am sure my husband will not be pregnant.
I have three sons and you \'d better believe that instead of forcing them into the army, you will encourage them to join the army.
I hate to think that when I support the troops, those I take the time to honor and thank them for their service will proudly say that my thoughts don\'t matter.
Let\'s face it-before Michelle Obama takes that stance, there\'s a huge problem with unnutritious school food catering to poor food choices for students.
Of course they are complaining.
Stick to reform, but listen and respond to reasonable complaints.
Parents and teachers work hard to do the best for our children and also try to set an example for a better diet.
The high cost of medical care in the United States is largely due to poor adult eating habits!
Thank you for writing this! Agree George!
I have a teacher who told me that they used to offer cornflak
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