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Tale of Chanel Bag

by:Sofie      2020-08-24
About CHANEL, people have eternal yearning. But folks people, the true touch only comes from CHANEL KARL right, to fashion Emperor CHANEL itself known less. It was a legendary good time Compared with more hundred years old are 'in the beginning of the XX century, southern France town has a cobbler.' . CHANEL birth also appears very legend, she was born in France Auvergne 1883.
GABRIELLE BONHEUR CHANEL originally titled ', at age 6 mother die, father give her aunt rising, childhood enter reads the convent school, and in learned firsthand needle accomplishments. In 22 years old, she became cafe singer and played a stage name ', 'because she was COCO favorite song to sing there are two first, respectively is' Qui Qua vu COCO 'and' Ko - Ko - Ri ', possess 'COCO'. In this paragraph of Gem career, has produced two regulars and become their valentine, a young British industrialist, another name is rich officer. Make dignitaries, and make her have economic ability to begin my own shop.
The two men, not just was her career funders and also her inspiration MUSES. She and industrialists Bowie, Keppel and Westminster duke of deep relationship, also give her inspired countless creative inspiration. She said: 'I loved everything, all in the sea of pale.' From Scotland cashmere sweaters, pieces from Westminster duke sail sailor clothing stripe jerseys, beret, aureate buttons such elements all fully thick British color. She and Westminster duke together outing inspired her to design the best paragraph tweed material suits. 'A little dirty, has dissected' is Westminster duke of wearing philosophy, two toll in common life, duke unique wearing grade bring her a brand-new design inspiration. She often trick to male friends clothes secretly take, then will they redesigned disguise, valentine gift and precious and cheap jewelry inlaid together.
In fact now the big hot, coat at that time have rudiment. Chanel life not married, 'New York magazine created word in order to performances is valuable to describe her FOREVER this status. She pursued freedom be sentimentally attached with man, Strong independent also have each lady flavor. She created great fashionable empire to pursue my want life itself is the best example women independent life, she smart and good-looking, understand, to create life and flirt Sagging compared using the same defender son. The struggle childhood of Chanel The film tells vogue legend coco Chanel early struggle history, key portrayed her, until staying in teenage fashion exhibited this era of situation.
A simple girl Coco, leaning on talent and self-educated diligence, growing generation of women fashion spokesman. In grime growing up with sorts of Nairobi son Xiao men meet by chance, to help her understand costly mysterious fashionable circle, she with the famous musician Stravinsky's love, also be another century of a much-told story. The stylish pioneer Chanel 'according to Edmond Charles - Roux writing Chanel biography' shocking '(L 'Irregular) adapted by French director Anne fang was directed, Chanel company's artistic director Karl Lagerfeld will function the film's clothes consultant. Emphasis depicting Chanel folk biography, tells her teenage fashion dew sharpness until the associated with time situation.
Chanel childhood very young mother's death is unfortunate, he has been sojourn globe orphanage. Until she was to go to Paris and world, 25 years old when she met first lover 'titan bah mulberry, an on riding middle gentleman, and bah mulberry live together, Chanel also was a beautiful female jockey. In 1910, Chanel, and a young British people encounter, and love additional.
He is going to Arthur card, a polo player so a young businessman. Chanel believed that 'he not only handsome and quite good,' she had there are said many times, this is her lifetime only love of human. However, Chanel doesn't satisfy idle mistress life, in your lover's aid, she began her career. Legend is opening.
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