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Three Classic Retro Fashion Cambridge Satchels Bags

by:Sofie      2020-08-23
Rei Kawakubo of fashion guru and Cambridge Satchels the launch of Comme des Garcons x Cambridge Satchels handbags. The most classic of Cambridge Cambridge Satchels on the longer replacement mobile belt. Metal texture and an associated with colors showing a brilliant avant-garde fashion sense. The series co-operation of different sizes to choose from and more, both stylish and practical degree degree. Rage, Cambridge originator of The Cambridge Satchel Company packages and pushed Exclusive To Asos series. Before the bag with different fluorescent colors, the fabric treatment again in the break, using the old sense of the design of the crack, so that the already very retro bag has reached the risk. If you are young and unfettered people, then I believe this package is definitely for you! Dr. Martens) 2011 Winter bags main neutral line, followed the spring and summer of Cambridge package shape, only in front of the buckle part to use tipping the words changed. In color, Martin doctor (Dr. Martens) 2011 autumn and winter bags become more lively and more interesting, rosy pink bag the particular whole series is very prominent, very suitable for girls cute personality.
Now, the streets are able to access people carrying a 'bag' to go shopping, then what 'bag' more loved by the fashion, which 'bag' for you? Find money that belongs you r 'bag', starting in the summer, a good dress yourself.
1 package of Cambridge
Red to the explosion of Cambridge season package, introduced in many magazines, Crawford began to sell, now Dover Street Market and cooperation out with the package. Fortunately, however, as the price does not rise, and the original is still the same price, but the co-operation models into more than 100 pounds. The causef this package is presently Cambridge, red, putting because the literary series is booming nowadays, this type of school bag in a very natural. Think about 10 years ago, this package may well primary and high school graduation students in the bed. Some of rigid material of this package, if a suit with a shirt and have a good effect, but of course if you to be able to go with it, with slightly less.
2. Kanken Bag
Addition to the Cambridge package is booming, there are increasingly being also a person package can be in. Anyone have read somewhere students should small the movie has a little girl holding a small yellow hand bag. That is popular nowadays start Kanken Pack. The Swedish brand was founded in 1978, more than 30 years virtually unchanged, is a kind of selling this package, the just have to change is colour. It has been said that so far sold more than 300 ton of. Now the boom in student packet driven, they started to hot. Many sites have started to introduce fashioned. Material is straightforward waterproof fabric, where perform put an awful lot of things, mainly assis. And because is actually important to really ready for the students, so the skin dirt water. While bright colors, has turn into summer with first choice.
3. Makr Carry Goods
There is one, really is a new brand, but also belong towards temperament Cambridge Satchel Backpack - U.S. brand Makr Carry Goods. Organization was founded only in 2005, the hand well, beautiful design, began gradually became popular nowadays. Just about all its single product cortex, appears to create a good texture, and color also tend to simple and elegant, along with a temperament easy route.
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