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tips on how to troubleshoot a dead laptop and

by:Sofie      2020-09-02
We may offen face the frequent problem :when our laptop is dead. Outlined in this article I'll explain how to troubleshoot a dead laptop to find the problem. The following troubleshooting tips are not model and brand specific, they should work in the most common laptops.
Let's take a look at two different scenarios.
Example 5. The laptop is absolutely dead.
When you plug each morning power adapter and press on the power button, there is not any signs of life just about all. The laptop will not make usual noises, LED will not light up, the fan will not spin, you will notice that is blank and black, etc. In short, laptop computer is expired.
What it's not necessary to in situation?
1. Guarantee the wall outlet is working and mobile computer DC adapter is getting power around the outlet. Try another wall outlet.
2. Test the laptop DC power adapter, be sure that the voltage output is suited. You can test the DC power adapter using a voltmeter.
3. Suppose the DC adapter is ok and the adapter outputs correct voltage. In this case unplug the power adapter within the laptop, material battery, bide time until 1-2 minutes, plug inside of adapter and check out turning by the laptop spine.
OK, you tested the adapter truly bad. If you replace originally DC adapter with a generic one, you'll have to follow this rule:
The voltage output that are on your new adapter has being exactly the same as on this is a significant adapter. The amperage of the new adapter could emerge as the same or better.
If nothing helps as well as the laptop can still be dead, apparently the motherboard is fried or there are a problem although DC power jack. It's possible the DC power jack is broken and the motherboard is not getting any power from your adapter. In this case you'll end up being disassemble the laptop and replace the power jack. Look at this guide for fixing laptop power jack port.
Example four. When you plug the DC power adapter and press for that power button, the laptop starts making normal noises, the LEDs work properly but noting appears on the watch's screen. The laptop will not start.
First of all, take a closer look at the LCD tv. Look at the screen under bright light. It's possible that bulk is still on this specific unit but it's very faint. If that is the case, check out these ideas for troubleshooting laptop with backlight failure.
If there isn't image towards the laptop LCD screen, test the laptop with an outside monitor. Connect an external monitor towards VGA port on your laptop and turn the laptop on. You can toggle video output with the internal LCD screen and external monitor by pressing Fn and F4 keys simultaneously on HP laptops, Fn and F5 keys on Toshiba laptops, Fn and F7 keys on IBM computer systems. Other laptops may use different key combinations.
Let's repeat the external monitor works fine but the inner LCD screen has no image whatsoever. If that's the case, your trouble could be related towards LCD screen or flick cable. Also, make sure the video cable makes good connection with the motherboard and the LCD touchscreen. Try reconnecting, reseating the cable.
In my case, both internal and external monitors were absolutely dead. Neither of them had look. That means the is actually not based on the LCD screen along with the video string. From my experience I understand that problem could be related to your laptop memory.
Try reseating the memory module, it can be not making good hitting the ground with the memory slot. Try cleaning contacts on the memory module with pen eraser. Try moving the memory module into another slot. Try replacing the memory module with another known good module, feasible to that your original module is dead.
If to be able to two memory modules installed you can try removing them one by one, it's entirely possible that one within the modules isn't good. Try installing different memory modules into different memory openings.
In my case reseating, swapping the memory module didn't make it easier to. I was pretty certain that my is actually not memory related what goes on moved inside.
Try removing battery, hard disk drive and DVD drive and turning to the laptop without these workings.
Also, try turning in regards to the laptop by external monitor when flick cable is unplugged of a motherboard. When the laptop along with video for an external monitor, apparently as a something wrong with laptop computer display enter.
In my case detaching the hard drive and DVD drive didn't help. Unplugging the video cable didn't help either.
I continued taking my laptop apart piece by piece and tested it after each step.
I removed wireless card, modem, disconnected the keyboard but it didn't help you.
I still wasn't able to boot laptop computer with video on the external monitor.
Finally, I disassembled laptop computer and removed the system board.
On this picture find my final test. The motherboard may be removed from the base we assembled basic barebone system on my bench.
1. System board. Like on most laptops, in my case the recording card is integrated in the motherboard
2. CPU with heatsink and cooling fan.
3. Known good memory module.
4. The power button board witch We would like to turn on the console.
5. Working DC power adapter.
Still cannot get any video from the external watch for. The system turns on, the cooling fan starts spinning a greener no digital video.
At this stage I'm 95% sure how the motherboard is dead. CPU failures aren't very common, so it has got to be bad motherboard. in a position to this arcitle is healthy.thank you to read by.
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