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to ban or not to ban: should phones be allowed in schools?

by:Sofie      2020-04-18
The Minister of Culture said schools should ban cell phones in classrooms.
Matt Hancock wrote in The Telegraph that he admired schools that did not allow them, adding that more principals should \"follow in their footsteps \".
In a letter to the same newspaper, a group of conservative lawmakers said cell phones should be confiscated at the school gate.
At present, schools are free to make their own rules.
So what is the choice?
A full ban was imposed at the mickela Community School in Wembley
If you see or hear the phone, you will be confiscated.
Principal Catherine bilbsingh said: \"We firmly believe that children should not have mobile phones in school.
\"We think they are very distracting to children, they interrupt their attention, they interrupt their ability to think.
\"However, they don\'t actually ban them from entering school because some parents want to be able to contact their children after school.
\"If they have one in their bag, but if we never see them or hear them, then you don\'t have any problems.
\"We rarely see mobile phones.
No child will deliberately take out his mobile phone.
\"They know that expectation and they agree.
They like the fact that they are free from the world of social media.
\"It is also a similar policy at the Reepham High School and University in Norfolk.
In September, it launched a mobile phone ban.
Although they are allowed to hide in their schoolbags.
Teacher in Charge Timothy Gibbs told Life 5: \"The reason we originally wanted to ban them is that there are a lot of small things happening in school during the day that we don\'t like --
Some are in class, some are not in class.
\"So now at school, we rarely have small things like telephone vibration in a course that disrupts the course flow.
\"We don\'t now find students at lunch time standing together and looking at the screen without real interaction,\" Mr Gibbs added . \".
\"In fact, we have found that bullying among students has decreased during school hours.
However, if \"under the clear guidance of the teacher\", the school does allow them to use it in class.
According to the Ministry of Education, 95% of schools in the UK control the use of mobile phones to some extent.
Thomas Tallis School, General School, south Greenwich
In east London, students are allowed to use their mobile phones during breaks.
Principal Carolyn Roberts said: \"We think one of the things you do at school is to give the children the skills to live as adults --
One thing adults must know is how to manage and regulate their mobile phone usage.
\"Our policy is that cell phones are allowed until they become nuisance, and we will confiscate them if they hinder our study.
\"Ms. Roberts also questioned the feasibility of the full ban.
\"We have more than 1,900 students here,\" she said . \"
\"In order to prevent any cell phone from entering the building, we have to search every cell phone every day.
\"A 2015 study by the London School of Economics found that a ban on mobile phones would give students an extra week of education during the school year.
The researchers surveyed schools in four British cities and found that the test scores of those schools that banned mobile phones increased by more than 6%.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Education said: \"Of course, the principal has the right to ban mobile phones in schools and we support their right to do so.
\"Last week, Simon Henderson, head of Eton public school, said schools and parents should not be afraid to take smartphones from teenagers.
But Jill Hodges, founder of fire technology, runs a technical course for 9 to 17 people --year-
Cell phones are also good educational tools, he said.
\"We see a lot of schools where children use technology in a good way,\" she said . \".
\"They are creative and they are able to collaborate, communicate and share their ideas. \"Paul Howard-
Jones, professor of neuroscience and education at the University of Bristol, said the school plays an important role in helping students learn when to use their mobile phones.
\"If schools and education are meant to prepare us for the world, then learn how to use your phone --
When it\'s right, when it\'s not, it\'s a very important part of it.
\"Children need to learn themselves. regulate.
If their phones were taken away at the beginning of the day, they would not have had a chance to do so.
\"Britain is not the only country to debate this issue.
French President Emmanuel Macron promised to enforce the ban at school during his election campaign.
It will take effect on September.
Critics, however, call it a propaganda stunt.
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