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Why Packing Emergency Glow Sticks in Your Backpack

by:Sofie      2020-08-21
Emergency Glow Sticks are an essential piece of kit to pack in case you're into your outdoor pursuits and leisure activities. These people could provide life-saving light in an emergency situation as well just like a valuable light source to your wide range of outdoor sports and nocturnal activities like reading maps during night-orientating, going pot-holing and caving using them as route markers, aiding night-fishing on boats as well as being handy whilst camping out at night as a substitute for torches or camping lanterns.
There are numerous while self-cleaning . essential kit to have in your rucksack when taking on the outside. Making sure you're properly equipped for selected outdoor activity before you start out will ensure ought to you get into difficult when out; you can deal with the dilemma. By having light-weight emergency essentials to hand can provide the necessary means to create light and heat and/or basic shelter will wellbeing survival rate as well as carrying vital visual and sound aids which helps locate your position towards Emergency Rescue Services in bad weather conditions possibly in the dark.
Your backpack should contain the following items and essential kit for you staying fully prepared your outdoor adventure: An up-to-date O.S. Map of the area you are visiting, Compass, Sunglasses and Sun Protection Cream, Light-weight Waterproofs, Change of Warm Clothes, Heat Blanket or Survival Bag, First Aid Kit, Fire Starter Kit or Matches, Glow Sticks or Torch, Whistle, Knife, Survival food like Kendal Mint Cake, Water Treatment Tablets and a Repair kit with basic Sewing Materials.
Carrying emergency light sticks instead of a heavy, battery-powered flash torch are a better option as Glow Sticks are waterproof, light-weight and take up less room in your backpack. They are simple to activate and quickly provide long-lasting light for over 12 hours that may be potentially be life cost reduction.
Emergency Glow Sticks are an affordable life-saving demand. There are two types of Emergency Light Sticks available from The Glow Company. All their glow products are UK Certified, meeting RoHS Standards as well as Safety Light Sticks are even NATO Registered for being suitable for all uses of providing emergency light inside accident or disaster location.
The first type are High Intensity Light Sticks which when activated, include an intense light that can be used to mark your position in desperate situations or an accident. They are available in two colours; with a brighter glow than normal glow sticks available in yellow that will last approx. 30 minutes or a super-bright glow available in orange that lasts for approx. 5 minutes that can be a vital visual aid to help Search & Rescue teams locate you in poor visibility weather conditions or at night. Secondly, there are Safety Light Sticks this also give a guaranteed 12 hour glow time. Perfect emergency lighting sticks that are 6' high, come along with a hook, eye and amount of string that allow of which you tie or hang them from above to provide a non-directional light source when the time comes.
These glow sticks are great to pack as an essential piece of kit for everyone interested in outdoor activities to provide immediate emergency lighting when needed.
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