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Will be Up With All The Backpacks?

by:Sofie      2020-08-21
What's up with all the backpacks? Not there's anything wrong these people. But everywhere you look, 'Papa's Got a Brand new Bag.' What have you people carrying in those bags many?
The trend isn't really all that new but it does seem to be growing in popularity. Even my sons, who are now both grown, strapped on backpacks when they went to school.
By my youngest son's senior year in school discharge backpacks that were allowed were with the 'see-thru' variety. Just maybe that helped deter kids from carrying things to school that they need not.
But then again, that rule has now changed.and the canvas bags are permitted, or at least, according to my granddaughter's school list. Somebody must have finally established that kids are very resourceful.and that they'll ultimately find a method to carry stuff they shouldn't, see-thru bag or not.
Recently, a friend was planning a holiday to Six Flags Over Georgia which is centered on a 2 hour drive from where we live. He was quite thinking about his adventure and spent considerable time sharing his travel plans with me.
Before leaving he stopped by to show me what he had purchased for his journey. First, he displayed his brand new canvass backpack that they explained was for carrying items that these people need for walking on the park.
Then he held up a collar pack which I thought looked suspiciously maybe a booty pack. He insisted it principal purpose is to be worn around the can range f.
'Isn't all these matters really cool?' he queried proudly. 'But wait, there's a good deal!' Then he pointed to the hat on his head and said, 'You're not going to think this. This is not only just any hat. Read this secret compartment.'
His girlfriend then showed me her booty pack, ankle pack, tote, and wheeled daypack.
Finally.I had must. 'It's nearly a hundred degrees in Atlanta. Won't all this gear be incredibly awesome?' 'Sure,' they both replied. 'But, offer lockers where you can store stuff.' '
So, all these bags are only to carry 'stuff' together with a locker where it become stored when you walk around all evening?' It all seemed to make perfect sense to them so I simply dropped topic.
On my way efficient today these everywhere. Bags of every size and description were being carried, toted, and rolled along the sidewalk toward the business entrance. I could not help but wonder what all folks were carrying in those bags. Everything I needed was tucked inside my desk there isn't any really couldn't think of anything else that I would need for doing my challenge. This was beginning to concern me. Maybe there was something we needed to create to make me more effective at doing my job.
Then a called my name and asked, 'Can you carry this for me?' Snatching one of her bags I was shocked at how much it acessed. 'Gosh, you must be bringing your rock collection to work,' I said jokingly. She just smirked and maintained on walking.
As the day progressed I observed my co-workers using big packs. When they open them, I theorized, then your secret contents will be known. Unfortunately, morning came and were.and nobody opened a bag. Surely lunch offers an indication. But, no, still not an opened get. And then came afternoon.with exact outcome.
As 5 o'clock neared I gathered up small volumes of from my desk, arrange them in a drawer, and turned off my computer. As I walked down setting this up I glanced into the offices of other workers as they wrapped up their assist the session. One by one they latched onto their bags and backpacks and joined their procession to the parking decking.
I just stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a wheeled pack to roll to work out. Don't know what I'll carry in it.but I know the technique really affair. I just recognize that I'll look important.and cool.
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