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Richmond Global School For Kids In Paschim Vihar, Delhi

by:Sofie      2020-08-27
Richmond Global School kids is located in Paschim Vihar in New Delhi. The school is built on 1.25 acres of land. The school has gardens and surroundings where a lot of kids can relate with nature. The education system in the school targets making the scholars intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically strong. The vision of the school is to cultivate a learning environment for him or her which is cheerful, safe, caring, exciting, eye-opening and full of opportunities.
The mission of the college is to make a dynamic perspective of strategy through excellent and enthusiastic teaching. The school provides opportunities to broaden creativity and self worth. The school ensures mental, physical, emotional and moral growth of your child. The institution believes in value based education that turns the students into responsible citizens. To ensure the school is nurturing a strong spirit of National Integration and International brotherhood. The Richmond Global School has entered into much International collaboration.
The school has forged alliance with International educational institutes of UK and Australia. University is part of many International projects before it starts. Some of these projects are Australian High Commission Project: Clean In the World Campaign, Tony Blair's Face to Faith Foundation, UK together with British Council, India and Stoughton Infants School, UK Surrey. In order to an international school that follows PPBLI i.e. Primary Concept Driven Project Based Learning and Implementation session. The programme is of International standard and is culturally sensitive and includes top quality teaching and assessment resources.
The PPBLI programme also includes features laid down by CIE and QCA, Uk. It also includes a variety of teaching methods and project making at every stage of learning. The focus of the programme can be always to develop children into independent learners. Students are inspired to approach learning through research and enquiry. Here, essential thing aspects of learning are achieved through curriculum incorporation. This enables the students to reach beyond the scope of normal curriculum.
The school is affiliated to CBSE till Senior Secondary and CBSE pattern and from IX onwards, the CBSE pattern is followed. University has introduced smartclass programmes for each every field. Smart Classrooms have Interactive Digiboards. Teachers use digital resources for example animations, videos and stimulated models to teach the specific topics on the inside class. The school also involves an audio-visual hall that has state-of-the-art sound and multi-media facilities that provide a comfortable air conditioned environment to target different activities.
The school has a well-equipped learning Resource Centre that is known for its large pool of literature in science, general knowledge, fiction, novels, encyclopedia in addition to periodicals, journals and references. The school has well-developed computer labs, physics, chemistry and biology labs. In the school, the students can portion in sports like shooting, badminton, gymnastics, yoga and meditation, weight training. The students are encouraged to take part in many co-curricular situations. The students are people in many hobby clubs. The institution provides safe and secure transport facility.
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