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the importance of buying right baby school bags online

by:Sofie      2020-04-18
It is binding for your child to choose the right bag online.
According to a recent study, some children carry heavy schoolbags weighing more than 20% of their weight, which is almost equal to 15 kg adults carrying 70 kg bags around 5 days a week.
This huge weight will bring a lot of pressure and pressure to the child\'s spine.
We also note that some students try to put their schoolbags on one shoulder, and in addition to that, they squeeze their shoulders, resulting in uneven spinal load and adverse consequences.
As a parent, if you can\'t notice the weight of your child\'s bag, you have to start noticing warning signals, such as changes in posture when wearing a bag, trying to put it on or take it off, feeling uneasy and painful while wearing it, headaches, shoulder pain and physical numbness are all potential signs of serious concern.
Every parent should pay attention to these signs and you have to take action when you find something like this. 1.
If there is no need to carry the bag, the children should take off the bag immediately.
For example, if a child is standing on the playground, there is no need to carry the bag back, so the child must take it down and put it on the ground or on the bench. 2.
Children cannot wave their schoolbags in order to put on their schoolbags;
This can hurt others and cause damage to the child\'s shoulder or back muscles. 3.
When a child is wearing a schoolbag, he should bend at his knees, squat down and lift the schoolbag up close to his body.
This reduces the pressure of strain and reduces the risk of damage. 4.
The bag must be worn correctly so that there is even pressure on the shoulders.
Some children accidentally carry their bags and sway from one shoulder, which leads to severe back pain and even damage the spine due to persistent pressure on the spine.
Parents must check this. 5.
Children should develop the habit of making schedules every day.
In addition, only the necessary books should be kept in the bag and the rest should be left at home.
Don\'t always bring all the books with you. 6.
When children pack their schoolbags, they should put the heaviest books in first so as to keep balance.
Also, instead of carrying multiple bags, put everything in one bag. 7.
Children should not ride a bike with a bag on their back, especially if the bag does not have a belt.
Replace it with a luggage rack. 8.
Children should stand upright when carrying their schoolbags. 9.
It was noted that due to the stronger muscles of active students, they were able to carry their schoolbags more correctly.
So make sure your kids stay active and don\'t get sleepy. 10.
Overweight children end up with extra pressure on the spine, knees, and hips, so it\'s better to control the child\'s weight.
This is some of the important tips parents and children should follow together.
This can help reduce the back pain of your child due to the weight of the baby bag.
Buy good baby bags online to ensure their health and safety.
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