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Troubleshooting Game Lag Issue With Laptop

by:Sofie      2020-08-22
Currently, a fair number of avid online gamers complain that their Lenovo and HP laptops get intermittent system lag in a selection of their higher-end games and music. Their laptops are the latest types, video cards are at least 105M model, normally which is quite sufficient for game play, but they still suffer game lag when the experience gets heavy. Ruling out hardware failures like defective graphics performance, here I am going to talk about mishaps and solutions of game lag.
Imperfect BIOS
Many laptops apply P45 or A780 motherboards that are out for just a few months, bugs in and BIOS not so compatible with games become the source for most single-player game lag, determine it out you need to flash BIOS towards latest version. Method is download the latest BIOS from manufacturer's website and flash it by yourself, the other method go to the official repair center and flash it at absolutely no cost.
PS/2 keyboard
New motherboards, especially 780 motherboards look like they are not so suitable for PS/2 keyboards. Game lag easily pop up when applying PS/2 keyboard and a mouse with an USB port, to be able to it you can use a keyboard using an USB port instead.
Hard disk problem
Notebooks' hdd generally have enough 5400 rpm or fewer; the burst data transfer rate isn't high enough, thus should the Cache is just too small when transferring enough data, lag occurs. To do this you have to change an even better hard drive.
Defective video driver
Latest laptops often adopt up-to-date video cards, for example, Lenovo Y450A adopts 130M video card. Without any optimization, fresh new driver is consistently not so perfect when its video card can be launched out, and a bulk of game lag is owing to video driver problems. Players can rather than upload different versions drivers, for not all the latest drivers' versions are the best, install one wanting to learn put the axe inside of helve.
Motherboard driver problem
When brand name new motherboard comes out, again it would more or less a few problems in compatibility. When your conflict happens between your motherboard driver and video card driver, lag would emerge at the tables that end up being running efficiently. Then unload your motherboard drivers.
Audio driver problem
Nowadays Hi-d sound cards are included in a most of note books, if sound delay turns up, the problem is possibly not in sound card itself but your audio driver, or because sound card patches have not been installed and audio driver conflicts with motherboard trucker. Update your audio driver or unload your motherboard driver to solve this downside.
Hopefully the tips above rewarded you an effortless game play and will help to end your game lag.
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